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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Adjusted

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Adjusted

Houston chiropractor dr. Gregory Johnson and we have Holly and her husband Thomas he drove all the way over here from San Antonio was about two and a half hours he said yeah yep traffic getting down to me about three hours probably so McGrady Justin Holly and examined her and I just did Thomas's examination history and he's been suffering from some costo sternal pain up in his rib cage and sternum up front here so neck pain and upper thoracic tightness and he's had the headaches here over the course of the last week or two that's been more prevalent recently and some upper back to knit thoracic tightness and so pain in his left index finger and numbness and tingling sometimes in the forearms right yes sir now that's the old witness some acid reflux - dad leave anything out so this is his very first adjustment here at advanced chiropractic release so going to show you his first time ring down let's have you affect you hit forward and backwards for me please sir I see I could tell him and Holly were both side sleepers because of their posture his head weight forward and his head turn to the right so if you think you can fool me on how you sleeping you're wrong okay so let's say you back on you tell me here now Thomas face down in here please sir later actually has been Lippmann's a little short a person comes in complaining of sternal pain or cost internal pain that means that their vertebrae in the thoracic spine region right here in the mid thoracics and lower thoracic sand upper thoracic is out of place because the Berber attached to the ribs back here that's called costovertebral joint and then they go around to the front and attach to the sternum but they're misaligned back here they usually are misaligned up front too and can create some chest pain or costos journaled pain a lot of people think you're having a heart attack even to get so bad but it's not but if you feel like you're having heart trouble you have history of our problems definitely go to the hospital and get checked out okay let's check on you back now if we don't lose heart so right now I'm digesting his mr. no clavicular joints now I'm on his cottage of journal joints like the left side floors that where you usually feel it you feel that for me all the way up to your lower back same thing here there you go super okay I'm sick yet baseboards all in there remember to keep your chin up I know she dropped her head down a lot of use of texting so much got that text going on which is really a straightening and reversal of the cervical curve so we will put that curve back in in your neck see and we'll get your ear over the shoulders closely there we go let's come over here on this table yeah you'll actually get towards the end of the day here you probably are ring there in the day nice and easy she knows yes sir crack guys gonna love you there and that's a full-body just still recover okay so kind of get up sideways and push yourself off your left arm okay let's have you flex you hit forward and backwards the east in that straight right yeah yeah they look so much better yeah take a look at the mirror yeah okay you shoulders squared up yeah pretty pretty cool huh pull these up and back though this is your homework too so you're heading out she's come straight back first thing this way and then spread your feet a little further apart so knock you over look at the wall behind you squeeze your shoulders together good now that stretches your chest out too and so on good I said that do that again I bet you this feels easier than the last two times you did it yeah surrender a little sore yeah yeah that's normal put some crushed ice in and freeze your background skin for 20 minutes over whatever sword oh did you want me to pull your tummy down for you okay let's lay you on your back you said you were having some acid reflux you don't really treat acid reflux or hiyo hernion take a deep breath in exhale but we do just I very just said your mentor Essex pine rib cage you just clean your hands right here take a deep breath again exhale yeah yeah all right very good so what tell people what your first experience on the ring narrows like shocking caught me off guard a little bit yeah it's already starting to feel better so okay sort is calming down a little bit and they did certain coming in now you feel better though aren't you yeah I've had minor adjustments here in there but nothing quite like that this is a major wild adjustment yeah well thanks for coming in here your video with everybody visit your chiropractor dr. Gary Johnson coming to you from advanced chiropractic relief in Houston Texas we'll see y'all soon.

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