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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Adjustment

We are here at the world headquarters of whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo and that is George Scott the station manager who is working on what are you working on George out of these two MFJ they call them hf sticks I call them ham sticks the old term and I have no idea what I'm doing so I'm experimenting these are two 20 metre hand sticks or MFJ version of the ham stick I should say and George you bought some sort of device there to connect them yep that's an MFJ device also I forget what it's called but it is certainly nice for what it does I got a question instead of using this how come you just don't use this you watch a lot of the YouTube channels and they never tell you how they tuned them and they don't show us what what the results were megahertz with with them into the coil hmm so you're probably gonna have to trim them although isn't ham-radio about playing around no it's about going to AM radio outlet or something George is inserting the shorter whips they're considerably shorter than we'll just see where is one see wise can it be curious it's gonna be very interesting yeah it's gonna be way up there I think you know yeah it's I kind of wonder if it was gonna be like 17 meter band and it's damn close 16 well what that tells you though yes is F what I need to do is short you have to shorten those yep I think I'll take off four No all right that might be too much I'd go two or three because you once if it's not short enough you can always cut more if you go too far you're kind of screwed we all of course I hope this doesn't make for a YouTube moment I don't believe it you won't cut it no I can't get a hold of it I want to go you might either wanted to get it up on the table so I'd have some leverage I don't want any mini leverage degree that could have been a YouTube moment I'm glad I did kind of lucky I didn't lose an eye there okay we'll just tighten down this front screw for now okay I'm moment of truth here I'm curious to see what it says now and you're gonna have to get to know down look at that look at that okay that's fine that's fine what are you where were you resonant at 14-14 139 140 my grandkids are coming up today we're gonna do some entertaining and we're gonna have a Shirley Temple night Shirley temple's the drinker know that move easy and I don't think they know who sure that Shirley Temple is and so we're gonna educate them as to didn't she didn't she open for Madonna okay so your resident about to 7d so you probably want to lengthen it just a little bit mo you can do that easily we've got them cut to the point we can adjust them to where we want them how do i oh I just pull it out until the tape is there there we go yeah because you were at 14 140 or something like that and you jump to 14 you trimmed it an inch and it jumped to 14 270 so I'm thinking a half-inch that's what I did that might even be 14 to 25 or something I guess you'll find out in there George is now tuning the other side of the ham stick dipole here adding a half-inch to make it resident on the frequency he wants and just see if we can hear anything what we hear maybe triac all right and then I gotta go get something to eat because I'm hungry see George is more than a typical amateur radio operator than I am whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra Echo just don't beat it sounds like me in a pile of whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo I guess maybe not you just kidding whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra Echo Music got it five nine ARRL and you are five nine zero seven over whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo Foxtrot Sierra echo whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo five nine zero seven over Roger Roger and if you saw my antenna you'd understand why you're having trouble over that's affirmative that's affirmative whiskey alpha zero Foxtrot Sierra echo yeah you're five nine seven thank you okay that solves that problem George is having problems as SWR and I think this is the culprit here this MFJ is probably seen a little better days it's all yeah I think that was the problem having problems making contacts with it we took what we did was we took that out of line and I grabbed my 706 Mark 2g we fired that up and we're making contact after contact we took that out of line and George ran with his 857 and now we're making contact at the contact so so essentially this is kind of field day about two weeks too late but there it is the little little hand stick dipole okay well we're closing it down here this is we are it's time to go for the family the grandkids have arrived time to go entertain.

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