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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Amend

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Amend

Hi this is Mike haver thank you for asking me what is kidnapping in Florida kidnapping is found in Florida Statute 78 7.01 and it occurs where one a person forcibly secretly or by threat to confines of ducks or in prisons another person three against their will without lawful authority and four with the intent to either a hold for ransom a reward or as a shield or a hostage be commit or facilitate the commission of a felony see inflict bodily harm or terrorize the victim or another or d interfere with the performance of any government or political function in order to be kidnapping the confinement abduction or imprisonment must not be slight inconsequential or merely incidental to the underlying crime and it must also either make the underlying crime easier to commit or harder to detect so if you commit a robbery and during the course of the crime you decide to tie up your victims and leave them there as you make your escape then in Florida you will not only be charged with robbery but also kidnap you've also forcibly imprisoned another against her will with the intent to facilitate your escape from the robbery and that is kidnapping one little tidbit in Florida biological parents with custodial rights cannot kidnap their own children so if one parent removes a child without the other parents permission you're going to have to settle that matter in family court thank you for your question I appreciate your having asked it i invite you to ask more and please remember it Michael a haber PA it's all about reasonable doubt and if you like this video please subscribe we'll be making more we watch it only now splatter.

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