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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Amended

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Amended

Music of course start now on that that's too bad we are they are do you I don't care sure what do you have a I really not get my name you'd rather not yes sir well unfortunately so what is the purpose of your recording I public courthouse it's a public courthouse am i able to come in and conduct business and what we're not going to do this exchange of information we're going to take you to our office for Music Music yes oh yes Music I need Music Music okay you wanted to make a complaint against a person or a deputy or class but that they different I have heard that it's a 24 him okay in Texans we take statements and what is the situation with me going back to the courthouse video recording will I being handcuffed and brought back over here again that's too bad my business is my business in the courthouse if I won't go in there and take pictures of the plaques from the wall that's my duty is about fine okay so welcome going anytime to take pictures if people think you're a safety threat they think you're looking at infrastructure or they do the whole host of other things that may be construed as a safety threat thing yes you're gonna be stopped if you were a worker there if you were judge if you were a person going there on business you would it be secure right I just like anybody else said these people's house cross-strait they they would like to be secured as well nothing else I guess do you think it was necessary to handcuff me and bring me over here to the jail do you think it was necessary for the deputy to slam the door on my foot I'm here to take I'm just happy it's fun adding more questions well that's the answer okay okay I mean okay do you have a policy as far as recording in public somebody with a camera if you should approach them well what is your policy see somebody taking pictures of a building PlayStation me here taking pictures what is your policy it depends Music if we believe there's some sort of threat a potential threat is a camera threat to you the camera by itself yes no person is doing something other than just what was I doing other than taking the video you interviewed me so you should be very familiar okay I've got an audio recording complaint will take you complain okay and that's all I can really say okay so you got a glacier any more questions okay well you gave the opportunity so you're refusing to answer questions well I answered as many questions as I could I think we're just going in circles now okay oh well I will see you later then I appreciate it try not to violate anybody's price against terrified if you can get your name please you hey everything great about you pretty good so do you need help with anything or they've helped me out inside already you talk to him inside yeah I captain somebody yeah I can ten somebody okay anything try to get these guys to uphold the oath same thing - yeah make sure they don't mistreat people's rights right what's your name Barnett and badge number five four five five four five yeah but I don't work here oh where do I get for Harris County okay all right okay super well how could you help me down here if you're in Houston I see em er if I go in there I can talk to well I already talked to him well yeah I talked to them as well okay thank you appreciate it how are you you.

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