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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Applicable

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Applicable

Hi everyone this is polynominal and in this video I will show you how to make a single form approval workflow using a couple great add-ons from news visions Public Schools so here's the short overview of the process so in this example an employee submits a request of an absence which creates an automatic notification email and sent to to the approver approver comes back to the same form and then makes a decision and if the request is approve it the employee gets notified by email he is a approval and his request days in this case is the absence days is recorded on the Google Calendar and then an invitation sent to the set of people after that Google sheet that keeps the total number of the absence of the employees are updated and then mail merge process is initiated which which creates a PDF file with with details of the request and save it in a Google Drive the process ends and in the case that the product that the request is rejected the employee is notified by email in the process and so let me quickly demonstrate how it works so this is the Google sheet that all the personal and sick days in in our case are kept so this is the number of the person we used left sick days used sick days left so after this demonstrations I expect the personal days used to go up by one so I'm logging it logged logging in as an employee and go to the forum so as you see this is a Google forum so I fill out the form and I'm requesting a personal day let's say for the January 20th and we ask them to ask the employees to put in the times exact time so that we see it on a google calendar so in our case it's 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 1 day and they can include an explanation so once the form is submitted an automatic email goes to the approver in this case it's me but you can send it an eight-person of course so this here's the email saying absence requests from Paul Van Alen off all the details then click on this link to process the request so when I click on this link actually takes me back to the same form and then I need to tell that I'm an approver and I'm approving mechanical explanation again so let's look at the numbers now so as you see this number was four so after I gotta prove it the number of the person they'd used went up to five and I have five days left and on the background what's happening he is so here is the responses sheet all the requests are recorded here and I can say if the posts are approved the night and all the other details so and also if I go back to my gmail as an employee I get notified that my request was approved the details and also I get an invitation for the google event so if I go to my calendar and say the invitation I can see that the January 20th my first was approved and the event is on the calendar and as a last step it creates a PDF file that is saved on the Google Drive right here and the PDF have a file have all the details the dates times case number for the later reference so how you do it you start by copying a Google sheet so here's here's the file all the facets that that's done on the background so the first step you need to go to cloud lab that your visions that work and the scripts go-to formula and copy this Google so here's the shift and I will rename it was full and let's move it into a folder and this Google series already has the formula installed in it and it's ready to use so we're going to build a form with and designate disco as a response shape so we'll go to tools create form and we're going to require that that your employees are logged in using their Google accounts and we're going to collect their usernames so they don't have to answer it twice and can be more accurate so the first question is going to be the first question is going to be multiple choice and ask if the person is requested more approval for a question and after that we are going to add a page break we'll call this page plus the question and you can ask for position if you going after that we're going to ask for request reason about the absence now there's a personal leave one next we're going to ask for the exact times very good time we're going to be a start time of the options acquired any comfort some explanation if you want of course we're going to copy this question and call it and time required and if you want you can ask for additional information is going to be an option question and after this we're going to add the page break and call this page approval this is where our approval approval person will come in for the process the frugal decision question is either or benign quick question an approver can add an explanation Thanks all right so let's go back to the first question now so depending on on the answer here we'll go to the to the page so if there is if it's a requester we need to say that the requester needs to go to the second page and after the second page after the request that the employee thewhat fills out all the information we want to submit the form without going to that prove our area force and in case the answer is approver we want to send.

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