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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Attach

Welcome to another free tutorial brought to you by access learning zone comm in this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to display images on your access forms and reports without actually having to store those images in your database when you store picture files inside of database fields your database can get very very big very very fast and of course a big database becomes a slow database especially if you're using it across a network so in this lesson I'm going to teach you how to store just the file name of an image in your database and then have access automatically display that picture using an image control we're going to start by designing a very simple table I've got employee ID my auto number first name last name an employee picture field now this is just a standard text field we're going to store the file name and path to the employees picture now go ahead and put some first names and last names in the table and for the employee picture field we're going to put in the file name with the complete path to the pictures that we want to represent each employee now I created a folder on my desktop and I threw some random pictures in it here you can find the complete path to the folder right there C colon backslash users Richard desktop pictures I'm going to copy that to my clipboard with ctrl C and I just named each one of these pictures after the employee Bill Joe mark and so on so come back to your table paste in that full path name and then its backslash Jo dot jpg for this one continue on for each of the employees this one is mark and you can put whatever filenames you want in here and finally bill in my full access imaging seminar I actually show you how to make a button on a form that you can click it and then browse to pick a specific file and it will save the file name in your table but for now we can just do it manually now close the table and let's create a form based on that table so I'll click on my employee tee hit create and then form access throws together a quick form based on that table it brings an employee picture as a text box I'll just take a second and resize some of these boxes to save space on the form now I'm going to switch over to design view because I prefer working in design view when I'm making changes to my forms let's go up to the design tab open up the toolbox here and find the image control click on that and then click somewhere down here inside the detail section now when you do that the insert picture dialog box appears because access wants you to pick a picture to add to this form I'm just going to hit cancel once you're left with now is an empty image container sitting right here you can resize this or move it around or do whatever you want with it but I'm going to double click on it to open up its properties there's the property sheet the name is image 25 that's fine you can leave it that or change it if you want to come over here and click on the data tab now this is new in Access 2022 if you have access 2022 or earlier this won't work although I do show you a technique that will work in my full access imaging seminar but this only works with 2007-2022 and later in this control source property you can put the name of a field that includes a file name to display in this picture control so drop this down pick the employee picture and you've just set that as the control source for this image close the properties I'm going to save the form we can call this my employee F hit okay now I'm going to close the form and then reopen it here it is over here double click and there's my form and you can see there's my picture and notice now as I move through the records you can see the picture changes that's because this image control is bound to whatever file name is in here and if you want to change this all you have to do is come in here and type in Joe JPEG and it will update for you I'll hit escape and put it back this technique also works even if you have continuous forms so if I open up the form properties and change this to continuous forms you'll see that it works even if we have scrolling continuous forms same I can scroll up and down and see all the different pictures this is great for a product catalog this technique also works just the same with reports do the same thing drop an image control on your report and bind it to a text field now in my full access imaging seminar I show you lots of additional techniques for working with attachments and images and all kinds of different objects inside of Access databases we talked about bound o LD objects where you can actually embed pictures in here double click on them and edit them we learn a different technique for displaying images based on a file name I show you how to create a button where you can click on a button a dialog box opens up where you can pick a different picture and that picture is automatically inserted into the form plus I show you how to make your vb code copy that image to a shared images folder on your network server I show you how to display images in your Access database based on a web browser control so as you.

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