Are Form 2220 Calculator
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Are Form 2220 Calculator

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Simplicity style you excellence the Sony so box ICC 1600 what you see before you is a Sony so box ICC 1600 W a calculator from 1973 this thing has every feature you could ever want in a calculator we've got Edition we've got subtraction we've got multiplication and even division do you need to remember a number to use later well forget about it because the so box will remember it for you and those aren't even all the tricks this thing has up its sleeve you can use this dial to adjust how many digits are to the right of the decimal point it can go all the way up to ten digits and this is a 12 digit display in addition to letting you change the digits behind the decimal point we can also choose where we round if we do a division here we can see what our number is let's go ahead and store that now we're going to round at a lower point same equation and we can see that first digit is 0 and if we load the other one we can see how it round it if we round at a higher point we can do the same expression and we can see that around it at the next digit this calculator still has two more features that have to do with running totals so if we press ok we can do 2 plus 2 equals 4 equals 6 8 plus 6 14 20 that enables the continuation mode but now that does not work T is different so if we do say 10 to get 20 times two we get 40 close it 60 so t runs an accumulator in the background that will add up all of the results of everything you've done here's something else interesting about the calculator when you do division of long numbers you can see how long it takes for it to actually do the calculation let's take a look at that in slow motion at 240 frames per second as I've been demonstrating this calculator is electrically fine it does have one flaw though the change sign key does not come back up the only blemish other than the malfunctioning key are the asset tag here and engraving here and here when this unit seems to have been owned by the mountain Bell phone company and oh yeah this thing uses Nixie tubes in case you're not familiar with what a Nixie tube is they have filaments for each letter inside of the tube that light up to create individual characters and they're all stacked on top of each other here you can see the internal construction of a Nixie tube the numbers are individual elements that act as cathodes stacked on top of each other surrounding all of them as a mesh that acts as an anode when a large voltage of around 170 volts is applied to a cathode the anode the cathode will emit electrons towards the anode the tube is filled with a gas that reacts to those emitted electrons causing light unfortunately Nyx's have an extremely high voltage requirement so they're not easy to use the Nixie tubes are obviously what drew me to this calculator but it's pretty awesome overall the ICC 1600 is actually one of several successors to an original calculator the ICC 500 that one was released in 1967 even though electronics were changing quite rapidly during that time period this device still has quite a lot going on inside of it so I think we should crack it open and take a look now they don't exactly want you get in here so they have these very weird security screws that I've only found I can open with these pliers fortunately they're extremely well designed and these screws don't actually come out they just stay in the plastic as you open the case there are only two screws on the bottom here and here that hold this thing together the rest of it is held in by latching it once those screws are off you lift from the front and pull towards the back to remove the top and you can see it inside and all its dusty glory there is nothing quite like the smell of 45 year old electronics oh that's the good stuff now I don't know how willing I'm going to be to go any deeper into this we have one two three four layers of circuit boards that still work and don't really need to be changed I mean yeah it's pretty dirty in there I could clean it up but I don't really need to I may also be a little hesitant to poke around in there knowing that there's 200 volts flying around this is unplugged but there are some big caps back here oh man it's so pretty in here look at this cable this is wound with string around the wires that's just crazy this thing is just beautiful inside put all those glass diodes Wow now there are two reasons that are really wanted in here one is that these Nixie tubes are really really dirty and I don't mean a little dirty yeah those things were filthy I'm gonna do some pretty stupid and try and blow this stuff out so let's see how this goes I should really do this outside but no oh this is making a significant difference and really messing up the air we got more string wrapped wire bundles that's just too pretty I can't imagine how long this thing took to assemble look at this I'm going to attempt to disconnect the keypad let's hope I don't regret that oh there's more ah yes the AC power switch that makes perfect sense oh it's keyed that's nice okay I've got both of these much cleaner now and it makes me a little more confident in trying.

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