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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Completing

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Completing

Music hello and welcome to today's lesson from the IELTS coach calm as we can see in today's lesson we are going to do some listening practice for the IELTS listening exam and this will be a full practice activity for filling in a form so here we have a form that needs to be completed I will include a PDF copy of this form underneath the video in youtube so click on the link and download and print that PDF form then continue watching this video listen and write the missing information in this form so this is very good practice for part 1 of the IELTS listening exam which is often a form that needs to be completed in part 1 you would need to listen to 2 people asking and answering questions to fill in some kind of form and you would have to complete the phone today it won't be 2 people it will just be me I will be speaking out loud as I am completing the form so listen to what I write in each section then at the end of the video I will show you the answers if you need to you can listen to the form part twice and then check the answers at the end so let's begin with filling in shuffle okay so I'm going to rent a bicycle in order to do that I need to complete this form with some details so let me see I need a pen ok I've got a pen let's let's begin the bicycle Wintel form my name is David so d-a-v-i-d my middle name is John Joh n and my surname s W a M s o n that's one son ok so my name is done now my birthday March 23rd 1981 my address let me see I just moved house let me have a look okay here it is four seven six no four seven three daily Street d al e Y okay moving on phone number my mobile number my home number I guess it doesn't matter I'll put in my mobile number because I can remember that it's zero three zero four six two Music three double for two here three double for two okay my email address well that's easy d-a-v-i-d s8 one at t e l co calm okay I'm almost finished to all the type of bikes what choice do I have I can have a kid's bike I don't need that well I certainly don't need a racing bikes be too fast for me yeah this is it mountain bikes I'll get a mountain bike for I think it's three days that I need it for so a mountain bike for three days I will return it let me see sixteen seventeen eight oh I will return it on the 19th of August and OH which late fees or getting the getting the mountain bikes or the late fee for the mountain bike is ten No fifteen no it's nineteen dollars a day for the late fee so I think that's all I got I have to sign my name at the bottom here and I have completed the form okay that is the end of the form completion activity if you need to now stop the video go back to where the form begins and listen again be careful with spelling obviously fill in the correct information make sure the grammar is correct and now I will put the correct answers on the screen so those are the answers be careful go back and listen again so you can hear the correct pronunciation for each of those answers and I will have some more listening practice activities lots of spelling tests but filling in a form like this sentence completion and summary completion activities so thank you for watching and good bye wait wait we're going to go in completely amazing can you can subscribe to my channel channel share with your main thing what's another videos you're going to practice on anything you're either Music.

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