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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Compute

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Compute

Here we're going to learn how to solve problems like these we're given the empirical formula and the molar mass of a compound and we have to figure out that compounds molecular formula we're asked to determine the molecular formula of a compound with the empirical formula CF 2 in a molar mass of 200 point 4 grams per mole let's begin by making a chart ok so here's a formula the empirical formula that we're starting with and I want to find its molar mass so to do that I'll look up carbon and fluorine on the periodic table I do 1 times the molar mass of carbon plus 2 times the molar mass of fluorine and I get 50 point zero one okay now CF 2 this here is an empirical formula which means that the number of atoms here the ratio of atoms here is a simplified or reduced as possible now there are a number of different molecular formulas that all have CF - is there empirical formula ok so for example C 2 F 4 is a molecular formula that has this as its empirical formula okay if we took both of these numbers and divided them by 2 we'd end up with CF 2 and going the other way we can kind of say that we got this formula by taking the empirical formula and multiplying it by 2 in other words this here this formula is kind of a multiple of the empirical formula we multiply it by 2 and we get this now it's the same for the molar mass okay we take the empirical formula multiplied by 2 and get this to find the molar mass of C 2 F 4 we can just take the molar mass of the empirical...

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