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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Corporations

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Corporations

The broadcast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode good morning everyone or good afternoon for those of you out my name is Josh Richards and I'm the marketing director at merit solutions and I want to thank you all for joining us today for a demo of Dynamics 365 for finance and operations when we move slides here for a second alright I'm joined today by one of my colleagues Chris Berg he's one of our solution architects and Chris will be leading the demo portion of our content this morning I'll let Chris introduce himself later but before diving into the meat of our presentation I wanted to take a couple of minutes to set the stage for what we hoped or to cover while we're here I plan on taking a couple of minutes to briefly introduce merit and dynamics 365 and finance and operations I only have four slides to go through so there certainly won't be a death by PowerPoint or anything like that and then we'll get into the actual demo of Dynamics 365 with Chris if we have time for Q&A at the end of the session today we'll certainly try to accommodate those questions if not we can answer any and all questions offline following the event so please use the Q&A panel on the right-hand side of your screen to send over any questions you have throughout the presentation I'll monitor those questions and present them to Chris at the end if we have time and then finally this webinar is being recorded and I will share the recording with all attendees following the event so I figured we'd start with this slide because at merit solutions we truly do believe that we're going through a digital revolution and much like the previous three industrial revolutions of steam electricity and the rise of computers in the internet the digital revolution is bound to drive dramatic and lasting transformation so before going any deeper I think it's important to note that the digital revolution is being driven by the rise of big data the growth of the cloud and new intelligence capabilities including mobile the Internet of Things IOT machine learning and artificial intelligence so it's commonly talked about that data is a key strategic asset but as companies have so much access to data it's becoming increasingly difficult to understand how to make that data useful so we're here to talk about why we think Microsoft is well-positioned companies navigate the digital revolution with Dynamics 365 and the Azure business platform so as we move slides here and refocus on what is in Dynamics 365 for those who haven't seen it yet over the last year and a half two years we've seen a shift in the Microsoft business apps landscape traditionally Dynamics has been split into what we call ERP and CRM systems but with the release of Dynamics 365 Microsoft has really set themselves apart with what is a a truly integrated enterprise business platform so not only does it handle traditional back office processes and what used to be ERP but it links it up with what was known as CRM and it doesn't and there as you can see on the screen Dynamics 365 also includes functionality for talent or what we know as traditional HR for project service automation retail field service and really a lot more so I think that the key here is that Microsoft is now providing a platform to cut down on interfacing cost in silos of functional data working with your analytics tools like power bi and your productivity tools like office 365 trying to provide a way for companies to have easy access to all their enterprise data through one single business platform and then enabling them to more easily accomplish tasks that go across business groups or locations and not only does the platform enable that cross team collaboration and improve effectiveness it also can scale and grow with you so we like to look at Dynamics 365 really as the last business platform you'll ever need to implement and today we'll be focusing on the Dynamics 365 for finance and operations app which is in the middle of the screen that is your core back-end finance procurement inventory supply chain production functionality okay so we're now onto my last slide I just wanted to give a quick introduction to merit solutions and who we are as an organization to help frame our discussion today so I know there's a lot going on on the screen right now but really at our core merits Aleutians is a consulting firm headquartered in Chicago with five offices throughout the US and in Europe our strategy is to be deep and not wide so we focus a hundred percent on the Microsoft business platform and I think we're really unique right now in terms of Microsoft consulting organizations as our expertise reaches across the entire platform from those traditional ERP and CRM and QMS apps all the way to the newer digital capabilities such as mobile apps IOT and machine learning so we're capable of being your single source provider for all of your digital needs and that's just not something we've seen many other Microsoft partner organizations capable of promising at this point in time but what I think is most important to our clients and to those on the call today our client satisfaction scores so what you're seeing on the screen right now is a trailing representation of the previous 17 quarters of clients at scores where you can notice that our clients consistently rate us above a four out of five we did just receive this week our results from q2 this year and our score for last quarter was a four point three seven out of five so again we think this is extremely rare in a space where Gartner says 55 to 75.

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