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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Depreciated

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Depreciated

Hello i'm ft and john and today i'll show you how to set the adb for windows also known as the Android debug bridge this guy is to help those who are first time trying to root an Android phone or tablet and need use of the ADB first I need you to open up your web browser I currently have it linked buds for developer.android.com slash SDK slash index dot HTML once you're there you're going to need download the Android SDK windows zip file preferably save it to an easy spot such as the desktop for easy to find access and as we're waiting for this to download go ahead and unzip that file and then I'm going to want you to go to the start go to computer there the C Drive and you're going to need to create a new folder Android you can name it anything else but just to keep things simple just name it Android go ahead open it and then that freshly unzipped folder yours open that and you're going to want to copy the contents of this into your new Android foot folder go ahead go into there and open up the SDK manager there you're gonna have a long list of different things you can download for accessing programming Android if you just want to use the adb the only thing you're going to need to make sure that's clicked and checked is the platform's tools make sure you have that checked then hit install not necessary but again Google USB driver I this once it's done clothes and clothes go ahead and open up your new folder platform tools you'll see you have a DB there and just to make sure that everything's fine go to start type in CMD click the CDM exe also known as command prompt and you're gonna want to type in CD for change directory go back to the window if you click it it'll highlight the address that you're going to need right click it copy then on the command prompt left click go to edit and then paste and hit enter this will automatically change the command prompt to that location of the adb then once it's done that and there is a hairs just type adb exe and you'll get a long list of information and that confirms that you now currently have adb installed thank you for watching have a good one.

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