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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Determining

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Determining

After installing a refilled canon 240 or 241 ink cartridge you will need to reset the ink level monitoring feature at the printer typically the printers LCD screen and/or respective ink cartridge ink light will be blinking after a refilled ink cartridge is first installed into the printer the first time you send a print job to the printer you will be prompted to press the stop resume button at the printers control panel for at least 5 seconds to allow printing to continue do not select cancel printing at the printers control panel press and hold the stop reset button for five to eight seconds the printer will initiate an ink level monitoring reset if successful the printers LCD will display random LED indications and eventually turn into the steady 1 state on the display both the color and black ink LEDs should not be flashing note on select printer models you may need to press two buttons press the color and stop button simultaneously for five to eight seconds to reset the printer at the completion of a successful ink level reset the queued print job should begin to print note errors a 13 and 16 typically indicate that the ink has run out and will need to be reset or there is a problem with the respective ink cartridge if an ink indicator light continues to blink but printing is still allowed then the ink cartridge may be suffering from poor connectivity to the printer remove and firmly receipt both ink cartridges if an indicator light blinks and no printing is allowed then the respective ink cartridge may be either incorrectly installed into the printer has dirty electrical contacts or a suffering from marginal internal electrical performance and may need to be replaced remove and thoroughly cleaned both ink cartridges using an isopropyl dampened lint-free towel gently but thoroughly wipe cartridges rear electrical contacts and ensure no ink residue remains on contacts gently blot the bottom nozzle plate area to remove all residual ink from the bottom surface of the ink cartridge reinstall the ink cartridges into the printer and retest if you still have an error condition which prohibits printing then the ink cartridge may have internal damage to the small micro electronics at the base of the ink cartridge note these types of electrical failures are unrelated to the ink cartridge refilling process and normally occur with use and age unfortunately a failure of the ink cartridge can be masked by a printers blinking ink error light or a constant ink error light so it may be difficult to distinguish between an ink level reset issue versus an actual cartridge failure typically blinking lights are more severe if you observe an error code on the printer this could pryou additional diagnosis information to verify the printer is functioning properly replace the suspect ink cartridge with a brand new one for more information on ink cartridge or ink tank refilling refill locations or advanced printer problem resolutions please visit inkjet for one 1.com.

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