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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Email

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Email

You hello today I'm going to show you how you can use MailChimp to send regular newsletters to your mailing list MailChimp a brilliant web tool that enables you to send out newsletters and best of all it's free and to send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers a month so basically the free plan would suit any small business or small group for instance you might run a sports team or a choir or a craft group or a WI or a church or what-have-you MailChimp is is perfect to suit your needs so let me show you how it works first of all you need to sign up for a free account just go on to the MailChimp website which is MailChimp comm and click the orange sign-up free button so sign up just put your details in the box pick a username for yourself and pick a password try make sure it's something secure and memorable and just click create my account okay it'll say thanks for signing up and they'll send confirmation to your email address so go into your email account and there should be a message from MailChimp client services if you click on the activate account button that will enable you to finish the process of signing up so first of all it will ask you to just confirm that you're a human being by typing in these numbers and then it will just ask you for a little bit more information so pop in your name and details about your organization in order to set up your account so when you filled in all your details if you just go to the bottom and click Save and get started that will complete your account setup so I'll show you around the dashboard first of all Eaton import a list of people that you've already got on your mailing this so for example if you're using Outlook or you're using Gmail or you've got an Excel spreadsheet of contacts or something like that you can import them all into MailChimp to make it much easier to manage and you can create and send an email campaign and that's an email that sent out to subscribers of your list and you can start building your audience so you can have signup forms that you can put on your website or on Facebook or on Twitter and and people can just put their email address in there and sign up to start getting your emails so first of all I'm going to show you how you can import your list of existing contacts into MailChimp so if you click on import your list first of all you need to create a list within MailChimp so you could call it membership you need to create a default from email address so that that'll be your email address or the person who's administering the group and a default from name I'm gonna put New Castle choir you also need to remind people how they got on your list so you could say something like you're receiving this email because you signed up for more information about New Castle choir okay and then your contact information for the list and then if you just click create list and go to imports I'll take you to the next step there are different ways you can import and some subscribers you can import from a CSV or txt file so if you've got it in an Excel spreadsheet that's probably the easiest way you can do it or you can just copy and paste from Excel or you can import from various other web tools and bits of software I'm just going to show you how to import from a CSV because that's probably the easiest and most flexible way of importing contacts when you've got them in an Excel spreadsheet the important thing to say is that you can't just bung anyone on your mailing list it has to be people who've agreed to have email contact with you so people who signed up on your website or people who have expressly given you their permission to get emails and go to your spreadsheet of data and I've got some here these are all made up email addresses but imagine this is my list of people that I want to import first of all you need to save your spreadsheet as a CSV file so if I go to file and save as I'm using OpenOffice but this will work in Excel as well so I'm going to call it contacts I'm going to put it on the desktop so I'm going to save it as a CSV file just click save and just okay that and that's fine so it saved that to my desktop now you see the file contacts.csv and that's what I need to import into MailChimp so if we go back to MailChimp and click import from a CSV or txt file and it will ask me to browse for the file that I just created so if I click browse and if I go contacts.csv and say upload list that will upload it into MailChimp now it'll just ask you to match the columns in your uploaded list to your MailChimp list just check that they all correspond so click Save column name last name click Save and this column name is email address and again click Save so that's fine they're all matched up now so if you completely import hopefully your new people will be in your list and here we are I've now created a list with six people as members so here are the email addresses of the people have just imported and their first and last names so now we can go ahead and create an email and send it to that list of people if you go to campaigns this is where all the emails that you.

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