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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Feedback

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Feedback

Hi this is Wayne from flaunt ad calm today I'm going to show you how to make a very simple contact form Oh a feedback form our new Facebook page you need FB NL for Facebook as well as a Google account so you can use Google Docs so once you have a fbml set up on your page go into Google Docs create a new form now let's say let's create a contact form so contact form I'm going to do a big very basic one and make this required okay and here available email make this required and I'm going to add the third one say comment you have all this optional so paragraph multiple choice checkbox for comments I'm going to use the paragraph text I'm going to make this one required and save this now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go here on the bottom of the page which says you can do the published form here to click on it I can see the phone and what you need to do is to view the source so whether you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer both of them have view page tools I believe Internet Explorer it's just the use once you view the source you can see the whole code of that form and what you need to look for is access form heading a div class that's why you have to stop copying the text you go all the way down to the end of the script and the end of the deep just above the SS footer you need to select all that text right click copy go into your Facebook F PML name it whatever you want paste the code SAVE okay and now you should have a phone that works now what you could do also just to make sure that people can either go back to your Facebook page or go ever you want you want to be able to edit the confirmation page so thanks thanks for checking my video go back on Facebook and I put the URL so people can go back to Facebook if they want so visit my website HTTP dub dub dub flop ID calm you don't to hit publish response or miracles if you do that then everybody is going to be able to see what what people have entered on your form so unless you do feedback and you want people to be able to see the feedback that you're getting it's not a good idea to do it save alright now I go back to my form that I've created and I put my name I put an email like admin at the ID calm this is a test and it's submit see your confirmation page shows up if you take for checking my video you can either go back on Facebook here go to my website and the next thing is and now when you look at Google Docs I get a refresh this page schools this is new you see the contact form here and you see when somebody enter the information their name whatever field you create on that phone will show up that way and the nice thing is if you are doing something like a feedback form and that you want to see the trend you can click like I show you here on chrome show summary and by showing the summary you can see all of the response whether it be positive like if you ask something like how do you feel about my project or how do you feel about my brand you'll be able to get a good view of how people feel in general that's it I hope you enjoy this video if you have any question let me know you can contact me directly on top dub dub that's not ID com see ya.

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