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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Foundations

Hey guys what's up and welcome to my channel today's video is going to be me girl I have a platter of heaven I'm gonna mix together a pump out of each foundation that I have the only foundations I won't be mixing in is my stick foundations cuz I would have to like chop off a piece and I literally have almost think it was 30 foundations right here I'm about to try out drugstore and the highest high-end we have Tom Ford down to elf we're gonna mix them together we're gonna test them out and then I'll do like a wear test throughout the day I have my little camera to do that with I'll probably do one or two check-ins excited for this video this is like definitely an experiment definitely a video that's going around and I haven't really watched uni of them because I don't want to know that outcome and like what happens and I don't really know how they did it but I'm just gonna do one pump of each into this little Bowl and I'm really excited I love experiments especially with makeup we're about to get a little weird today but I think it would be cool just to see what happens I mean there's so many formulas out there and there's men hydrating long wearing BB cream well I don't have any BB creams have like actual foundations near but we'll see what happens anyways I hope you guys are excited with the video I'm gonna sing the subscribe song and then we're gonna get to mixing up donations be sure and subscribe to my channel and now let's go ahead and jump into the Music okay so let's begin mixing foundations I'm gonna switch us over to the vlog camera so you guys can mix with me we'll do a little fast motion cuz now like mix I'm excited and I'm gonna have to take off the makeup that I have on by the way because you know let's do it baby okay I have like this makeshift so you guys can like see the bowl have it kind of tilted towards ya so shall we begin we'll start with elf Music Music all right guys we have it all mixed together I'm now gonna take a mixer all right so now I'm gonna just mix it all together and then I'm going to go back to the oh my god the color looks kind of nice and then I'm gonna go back to the main camera and we're gonna applies to our face I don't know why I thought this was gonna make up so much foundation it did make it have some foundation for like five people maybe like three or four actually but in new I didn't make it that much how was scares gonna be super wasteful but it's actually I mean not terrible I guess because I put like a dot from each brand it looks like a nice foundation oh my gosh we had so many different textures and all in here so there's a close-up of what it looks like so now the exciting part is I'm gonna remove my makeup a bond and we're gonna apply this to the face oh my god what if it's amazing all right makeup okey-dokey artichokey I'm just gonna put on a facial primer so I'm doing this like I would do my makeup any day I'm just gonna use a little bit of these for Sally drops crying unicorn hard to go around the eyebrows I probably do my foundation and then put my brows on bitch enough to work around it today and the lips I coulda just took off I'm just gonna take off the lips oh I'm going to take my mixing bowl and I'm probably used to back in I'm trying to get these chunks girl we had a little crusty crust in here just got chopped up the chunks there a hair in there oh there's a hair oh that's nasty oh the hell did I get a hair in there I didn't even wear a hairnet while mixing foundations apparently you okay how much drop the brush and foundation went everywhere you guys should see the mess great this is not turning out the way I wanted it to so with all the craziness aside shall I begin I mean the coloring turned out great I have quite a few different color foundations and that's because I'm a chameleon I'm just kidding but my skin it's a little wider in the winter a little more tan in the summer so I like to have my options I'm just can you guys guess what brush I'm gonna use to blend this out my favorite I'm just curious it feels very full coverage let me just say that like it feels can you guys see that girl it feels thick girl oh my god this baby baby baby let me just tell you this is covering my dark circles so for it which means Lauria has a lot of full coverage foundations on deck the color looks so nice so now I know if I can't find my foundation shade I'll just mix 30 foundations together and won't get it right oh my gosh I can't believe this is such a cool concept I'm not sure who came out with this video first there's always you know speculation on things like that but if you want who you think came out with first you know put their name down there in that comment section so they can get some love I would love for you guys to do that it smells good I swear I think I'm smelling the huda beauty foundation on them all of them but also it blended out so pretty it feels really heavy on my skin and it is so dewy and shiny.

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