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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Governing

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Governing

Hello there apologies if I'm freaking people out with my appearance in this video you'll see in other videos I've had a beard obviously shaved it and I do tend to fluctuate quite a bit with my appearance so some weeks I have a bit some weeks I don't a bit of a free spirit in that regard so please bear with me anyway I wanted to do a video about the governing body and specifically I wanted to talk about where the term governing body comes from so if huge homes witness you might have wondered this and an easy way of finding out the answer to that question if you Jehovah's Witness is to look on your Watchtower library type in governing body and find out how many times that term arises in the New World Translation what you'll find is that though it might arise in the footnotes it doesn't pop up not one single time in the actual text of the Bible so this begs the question if the term governing body doesn't come from the Bible where does it come from well if you type in governing body into Google or into one of the search engines what becomes very quickly obvious is that the term governing body is actually a business term it's a corporate term in fact the free dictionary defines governing body as the person's or committees or departments etc who make up a body for the purpose of administering something so it's a corporate phrase and it's used by watchtower and rather than them finding it in the Bible and applying it to themselves what's actually happened is that they have decided that they have a governing body and then tried to find verses in the Bible to prop up that idea and they found the references in acts 15 and 16 of the Apostles and older men so what they've effectively said is oh the Bible writers don't know what they were talking about they should have used a collective term such as good body instead of apostles and older men so that's how we're going to describe it but obviously the Bible writers were perfectly capable of coming up with any term any collective term if they wanted to describe the Apostles and older men in that way instead it was a one-off arrangement there was a certain issue surrounding circumcision that needed to be debated the Apostles decided to bid to debate the issue together with the older men on in acts 15 or 16 there's no record anywhere else in the Greek scriptures of them doing this and yet the governing body insists on saying no from that point on which there was a governing body so readings that's what you will but having having noticed that governing body is a corporate term which it is we then I need to ask well when did it start being used by the watchtower society well there's an interesting Watchtower article it's actually the December 15th article 1971 page 755 and the article is called a governing body as different from a legal corporation now if you're at all interested in researching this subject I would suggest you look up this article and read it in its entirety it's quite a long article but if you don't know much about where how the governing body began in its incarnation as it were that's the article that will tell you how it began okay but in that article it actually says in the year 1944 the watchtower magazine began to speak about the governing body of the Christian congregation so think about that 1944 in Watchtower literature we start to say the phrase governing body popping up okay this is nearly three decades after the death of Charles taze Russell who died in 1916 and only two years after the death of Joseph Rutherford do the watchtower society start to coin the term governing body so then throughout the 50s and 60s the term starts to get used with a little bit more frequency but it's always kind of quite ambiguous as to what exactly they're referring to in some cases it looks like they're referring to all anointed Christians in other cases it looks like they're referring to the watchtower society in other cases it looks like they're referring to the board of directors of the watchtower society it's always a little bit ambiguous as to what precisely they mean by the governing body and just to emphasize how how absent this term was in the early years I want to show you a brief clip from a film a 1954 film called the new world Society in action and we join the film at a point where a young man is get taking an elevator up to nathan laws office and just see for yourself how the leadership of the watchtower society is portrayed taking an elevator to Bethel's tenth floor we see the president's office where matters of worldwide importance in gospel preaching activity are handled at his desk the Society's president brother nor gives his secretary brother Henschel some dictaphone recordings with letters of Christian instruction for the Society's branches brother nor makes a call and brother Henschel also a director of the watchtower society passes the records to the brother who will type them all work in harmony and unity for everyone here is concerned with the advancement of praise to Jehovah's name for the smooth operation of this efficient preaching organization the Society's president must keep in constant contact for the various departments as in this instance where he contacts brother Souter the Society's secretary and treasurer regarding the contract for the Yankee Stadium assembly in 1953 brother Souter is going to have some Clause in it check by the legal department brother reamer another Society director is here counter signing the checks that pay for supplies even with very careful buying the.

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