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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Iii

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Iii

Music good-day lightsaber addicts today we're going to go over the basics of form three of lightsaber combat so rasuu sri suta is actually my favorite form that's the one I use the most sorry sue can be done with two hands but it can also be done with one hand this style and this form is basically the ultimate expression of defense for a Jedi a Jedi will conserve their energy while tiring out their opponent and this will allow the Jedi to find an opportunity to score their victory so basically you're going to be first three soon you're going to be blocking as much as you can until you see your opponent is tired and then you can get a strike on them this is the ideal style in Star Wars universe for blocking blaster fire and it's said that a Jedi can withstand twenty blasters pointing at them by simply using orbits an orbit is using your saber to go around you and like a cocoon it is blocking whatever is coming to you and it makes basically a wall around you you can go forwards or you can go backwards when you're against an enemy with one of me with a with just a single blaster a Jedi can use a defensive slash and keep moving forward so an enemy shoots a Jedi could block it and then step forward move and again do a slash step forward and keep doing that until he gets to his opponent and then he could deal with them at that time in you can also use Sri soo to not only block but also you can redirect it by using what it's called blaster deflection although it's primarily used in form five which we'll go through in couple episodes when a form 3 user is up against another lightsaber user all moves are close to the body and you don't really use the sweeping motions as you see in form 1 and see Cho nor do you lunge really at all you want to create a cocoon for yourself around your body front side back top bottom so that way it's extremely hard for the enemy to actually hit you so as far a little demo I'll just give you an example going up then you can block around so you see I was trying to go all around my body for blocking so that way it was extremely hard for a nether lightsaber user to actually hit me you'll be surprised actually how many moves in form three actually could be converted to form four form five even back up to form once each other for example using that can be used as a defensive thing but it could also be used in form four where you're spinning and jumping and form five would be using it to counter-attack so if form free is so awesome and opponent can really hit you why is it more Jedi using it well the cons for this is that you need extremely quick reflexes and extreme speed since you need to wait for the enemy to attack you first you don't attack the enemy first they have to attack you so you have to wait when they're coming at you you got to wait and you've got to know I have the speed and reflexes to know exactly where it's gonna be also the style doesn't really normally use counter attacks if you're not sure what a counter attack is my wife will show you so when she comes down I can use her own power to actually move her saver and go for the attack right away in one move so that's a counter attack and he normally would not be using something like at in-form 3 there's a lot of different training techniques for form 3 when I mentioned before the beginning was Orbitz you want to practice your orbits which are your forward major orbit and if you notice I am doing a I guess would be a figure 8 but on its side or I guess you would call it an infinity sign where that's the motion that you're doing you need to start off very big at first and then you could bring it in and you can add more speed this will help strengthen your wrist and makes it more flexible you can also do it backwards again you can go slow and wide and then you can bring it up quicker and go quicker using defensive techniques should also be second nature so for example you may not know exactly what your enemy's gonna do but you can train yourself to act appropriately there's not really a wrong way to block or use defense but you want to do what's really comfortable for you so I'll give you an example where she's gonna hit this side and then she's gonna go on the other side so when she hits the first side I first of all I can do a drop block and then I can go for a sweet block but I can also start this sweet block and then go down for a job like I can do a drop block and then go down and do another drop block you want to be second nature you need to practice those type of moves that may not be comfortable for you to do that but it may be more comfortable for you to go from a drop block to a sweet block maybe it won't be but you gotta try to make it the second nature for you to actually move and that's where your orbits will come in because it does take a lot of risk power as you see so that is a lot of the training that you can do we have a fun training method that we like to actually do also and it's using a.

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