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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Info

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Info

Welcome everybody I'm Robertson we are the development team we're the SharePoint development teams we are the team that brings you experience in SharePoint list document libraries sites Colin do formatters power apps Microsoft flows websites site designs and much more we are the developers so we write code to make this experience work we're not the typical savvy presenters you used to see in this conference but that's okay because today we're planned an awesome demo for you about SharePoint modern no code customizations so then can you tell us more about today's demo it's really about sure my name is Dan and I'm a developer in SharePoint as well and today's session is going to be all about customizations and it's going to be about people who do that so how many of you are savvy SharePoint users thank you guys we love you and we we build features for you to allow you to squeeze every piece of value out of our product so today we are going to show you exactly that we are going to show you that SharePoint can be used to build pretty much anything so we are going to show you a solution a full-fledged solution that we built for you step by step we are going to go in every detail of how how I build that so with any other further ado I'd like to invite Cyrus to talk more about the demo he built for you I am I am Cyrus Paul Sarah I too am a developer on the SharePoint experiences team and as Robert mentioned you know as developers we don't get to chat with you guys our customers that often but we are truly super passionate about this area and we thought that you guys would appreciate this this reasonably unvarnished session coming from us now truth be told we are trying to squeeze just a teeny bit too much into this 45-minute talk and so while we'll be going over a ton of detail one of the things that we thought would be interesting for you because we won't be able to cover everything is we created a cheat sheet for you because that cheat sheet contains a bunch of the nitty-gritty detail and Foss makers it's all about the nitty-gritty detail we didn't want to leave you guys behind and that basically is a github repo it contains our JSON snippets our PowerShell snippets our you know all the little tips and tricks that we needed to do when we use Microsoft flow it's it'll help you after your session or during the session anyway enough of the intros what are we going to build today we are going to build a classroom application a classroom application how did you come up with that idea you guys are all going to school right so concepts pretty simple but there is enough of implementation detail and trickiness in the scenario and there's enough of unique UX that we thought it would be a perfect example to showcase all the work that we've done our team has done in the last in the last year so let's let's get started switch to demos we have no more slides anyway so an office 365 group is a perfect host for a classroom because right out of the box it comes with a distribution list it comes with a calendar it comes with a website everything that you need to collaborate and communicate with your classmates and your and your teacher or doesn't come with is a a classroom application and so that's what we here to build today and here we have a vanilla website and to see if some time we've pre created a few lists every classroom application as a students list them you need a list of students and so we have a students list with what you would imagine our regular fields and the students list when a teacher wants to create homework or assignments you need an assignments list and so again we have an assignments list of Vennela SharePoint lists with a few fields that seem very normal and at some point the teacher needs to grade those assignments and so we have a grades list again just a vanilla SharePoint list with some with some fields that look pretty normal and finally when students need to submit their homework or turn in their homework we have a normal SharePoint document library and we happily called it Turnitin and this would be the place where students would go ahead and turn in their homework so let's get started and see what happens in this particular case just want to draw your attention this is Nestor Nestor is the teacher and he's gonna start off his classroom by creating a few students in the students list I'm gonna use the people picker and the few of the the people picker to pick a few students from the tenant we're gonna choose Alan let's see if we can get another guy and we got Ervin and at this point in time they're just two two items in a SharePoint list nothing special you we've been able to do this for 15 years let's see what's happening behind the scenes we have we use the business logic that we use we are using a technology called Microsoft flow and I don't know how many of you guys are familiar with Microsoft flow like eighty percent so the one sentence description is Microsoft flow is office 365's engine for automation it takes events and you can do automatic stuff and so we have a Microsoft flow actually we have seven flows for this application I'll walk through them one by one and this first one when a student item is created we go ahead and create a folder for that student in the Turnitin library just so that they have that special place to.

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