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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Operated

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Operated

This is a jab de 12 11 this is the press number eighteen ninety 150-ton wabash I'm going to go ahead and run this press in manual first showing that you have to hold the buttons if you let go of the buttons it stops in manual opening and closing it will go into low pressure in manual and clamp and hold as long as you leave it there until you hit the open button you can also use high pressure and manual by pulling out the low pressure set button and and then it'll going to high pressure manual it doesn't time out you have to push the open button Dalton it in Auto the press is going to go up it's going to go into low pressure once the low pressure timer times out it kicks over to the high pressure timer it'll go into high pressure and hold until that timer shuts off and then it will open back up automatically I'll go ahead and demonstrate that now once you close in manual or auto you get a clamp sealed light once the press was all the way closed you can release the palm buttons at that point we're in low pressure right now low pressure timer will timeout now we're going over to high pressure we reach our high pressure set point press turns off high and low pressure manly it manually adjustable on the front panel same as same as the other press once the timer times out press will decompress and open bottom position and shut off that completes press number eighteen ninety one on order de 12 11.

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