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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Reduce

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Reduce

There are few things that have a greater impact on the male physique than estrogens okay here's the thing with this video I'm not here to try to scare you into not consuming any kind of things they're gonna trigger estrogen in your body my purpose with this video is to educate you so you could moderate consumption and make the right lifestyle changes not to scare the heck out of you hey if you're looking for an unbiased approach to health wellness and fitness then I encourage you to subscribe to my channel make sure you hit that little Bell button so you can turn on notifications and know whenever I post a new video on Tuesdays Fridays and Sundays at 7 a.m. Pacific time alright let's get down to the brass tacks so first off we have to understand just a little bit about estrogen okay estrogen is very important we need it men need it women need it but it's also one of the things that if we overdo just a tiny bit can send us into a downward spiral that destroys our physique ok if you're holding a lot of water if you feel puffy if you just feel like you're having a hard time getting rid of excess body fat then to be completely honest there's a highly highly likely chance that you are having an issue with estrogen and a lot of it isn't necessarily your fault it can be the overconsumption of things that are just seemingly healthy and I want to help you understand what they are because when we look at estrogen you have to remember that it tells your body to enter into this aroma taste cycle where it continues to build more fat once the aroma taste enzyme is activated which processes estrogen within your body it triggers your body to store fat and the more fat cells that you have the more aroma taste enzymes that you have which means the more activity more aroma taste activity the more estrogenic activity so more fat equals more estrogen more estrogen equals more fat do the math we have to control it and stop it somewhere so what we have to look at when it comes down to understanding the estrogens that we consume is the two different kinds we have xeno estrogens and phytoestrogens xeno estrogens are foreign estrogens that are formed outside of an animal body ok and then we have phytoestrogens which are estrogens that are formed inside of a plant they both have very similar effects within the body but slightly different in terms of their molecular makeup so let's take a look at the first thing I want you to start modulating so you can really get a grasp on your estrogen and try to get those things in check right this first one is going to be wheaton grains i'm not going to tell you not to consume wheat and grains at all but i am going to tell you to start considering your source and modulating whenever you can they're very high in a xenoestrogen known as zero al anam also known as a ze a so ze a is very very similar to estrogen in terms of its molecular structure so much so that it mimics estrogen inside our bodies so whenever we consume ze a s our body thinks we have an influx of estrogen now the reason that ze as form in wheat so much is simply because there is a fungus that grows in wheat especially in uncontrolled environments so when we just sitting around for a while which it typically has to do when it's waiting for harvest it ends up forming this fungus and this fungus causes the ze ace to form which caused a big issue within our bodies now what these ceas do is they bind a very specific estrogen receptors and then our body specifically the receptor for 1-7 estradiol 1-7 estradiol is probably the most important estrogen that we need to be paying attention to and I'll explain it in a little bit more detail in a latter part of this video so I wanted to make sure that you're staying tuned now to put matters into perspective there is a study that was published in the Journal of cell chemical biology and it took a look at ze a s and their effect on something known as letrozole okay so let rizal is a pharmaceutical that is designed as an anti estrogen so it's sort of the job of letrozole to go in there and kill off extra estrogen guys take it if they're holding a lot of water women will take it for various reasons and a lot of times you see bodybuilders take it to try to cut some extra water to look a little bit leaner the point is select result is very very very powerful and what they found in this study was that even a small to moderate amount of ze a s nullified the effects of letrozole so meaning it made estrogen so powerful that letrozole couldn't even do its job it had such a powerful effect on the estrogen receptor and the 1-7 estradiol receptor that it basically made it like this pharmaceutical didn't exist that just gives you an idea of the magnitude of simples e EAS that are sitting in our wheat in in our grains okay now we have to talk about soy for a second one that you've probably heard all the time countless guys on the internet will tell you not to consume soy because you're gonna end up having massive amounts of estrogen yeah yada yada well first I want to say this you can handle a little bit of soy guys it's not going to kill you and it's not going to make your estrogen levels go through the roof the issue comes into play with the.

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