Are Form 2220 Reduced
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Are Form 2220 Reduced

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Hey math class I just wanted to do one last factor reducing video um today in class I didn't intend for the computer to give you such big huge numbers in fractions to reduce down and I know I talked to some of you sort of individually about this technique that I use for reducing really big numbers but I wanted to show it to everybody to make sure that you all kind of understand so again when we're reducing we're finding a factor a number smaller than either one of these two that I'm going to divide out okay so reducing we're dividing we're making it smaller making it a smaller fraction in this problem though like I don't know about you but I don't really want to find a list of factors for both of these super huge numbers frankly I am too lazy and I have better things to do with my time huh um so so I'm going to give you a tip what I do is I go through a checklist in my head okay I never start with one I can divide one out of anything and it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense because it's not going to change this fraction is it I always start with two could I divide two out of both of these numbers well this one's even and this one's even so yes I could I could divide two out of both of those numbers I think I'm going to start with that and see where it takes me so I'm going to divide both of these by two to get a new fraction okay let me grab another board here because I'm going to do my math on this other board over here okay two in 292 goes into 9 four times which is eight I have one left over drop my zero down 2 into 10 goes 5 times 5 times 2 is 10 and I have no remainder which is good it goes in evenly okay so the new top of my fraction over here I've just found is 45 ok back to my work here I'm going to go to into 144 now why can't go 2 into 1 so I have to go into that 14 which is 7 7 times 2 is 14 I have none left they're going to drop that 4 down 2 into 4 goes twice which is for a bra there is the my new denominator okay oh gosh now I have to look at this and try to figure out what goes into both of those well I know the two can't work right because 45 is odd it would go into 72 but I have to divide the same thing out of both of these and so it's not going to work in 45 it's not going to work to reduce this fraction um what about 3 though hmm I wonder let's let's give it a try um let me grab another workspace here I wonder if three can go into 45 okay three can go into 4 one time minus 3 is 1 drop my fight oh look at that it does it goes in evenly 3 times 15 is 45 okay I wonder if it would go into 72 I'm going to scooch this over a little bit so you can see the work I'm doing here 3 times or 3 goes into 7 how many times it goes twice 3 times 2 is 6 I have one left over I'm going to drop down the 2 3 into 12 goes 4 times oh my gosh it does so I'm going to come back over here I can divide 3 out of both of these ok and I end up with 45 divided by 3 I found out was 15 72 divided by 3 I found out was to 1.d4 I still don't feel like I have that reduced down as far as it can go I think I still have just a little bit more work to do so I'm going to look at 15 um wood to work to divide out of both of those mmm it wouldn't wente it would work for 24 but 15 is an odd number so can't divide two out of it ah but what about three for this again I think that works as well and again some of you probably had those problems so you know the answer that I'm heading towards anyway but I just I thought it was a good example of what you can do okay 15 divided by three I know is five and 24 divided by three is eight and so is this reduced down as far as it can go well I see that five is prime so the only way I can reduce it down as if eight can be divided evenly by five right because the only factors of 5 or one and five it's a prime number so an eight can't be divided evenly by five so I know that I'm done so 90 over 144 equals five eight okay so you don't always have to use greatest common factor if for example we had I'm trying to think of another if I had if I had this though if I had a fraction like this then I could use greatest common factor I could figure out that my factors of 20 what are my factors of 20 well I have 1 and 20 right and I have 4 and 5 oh and I forgot a couple 2 and 10 right those are the factors of 20 and what are the factors of 32 oh gosh 1 and 32 um 2 and 16 3 can't go in for can go in 8 times though okay here are my factors I can see oh yes look there's my greatest common factor right I can.

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