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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Resolve

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Resolve

Hey guys sorry I haven't made a video in a while but anyways this video is gonna be a little different I'm gonna show you guys how to solve the 3x3 by 3 Rubik's Cube there's easier ways to do it but this is still really easy so let's get started this is the rubik's cube it is a cube it has six sides like most cubes it's important to know which colors are opposite from each other the easiest way that I remember which colors opposite from each other is to just think of which color is like similar so for blue it's green because blue and green are similar in color for orange it's red because orange and red are similar then this one kind of kills that it's white and yellow so that's the first step inside knowing how to solve it and the next thing I need to tell you before we get scrambling and solving is the cube notation now this is just what you're gonna need to know so you can understand the algorithms which come a little later so here's the cube notation this is the side that faces you it is the front side it is notated with an F so f because it faces you L cuz it's on the left are cuts on the right you cuz it's off and D cuz it's down there's also B for back but you don't need to know that because it's not using any algorithms if I say F it means turn the front side 90 degrees clockwise if I say F prime that means turn the front side counterclockwise 90 degrees U is the same thing u u prime D D Prime so on it's pretty self-explanatory and then one more thing if it says to before the letter that means turn twice in any direction so to you would be like this 2 D would be like this - L would be like this and to R would be like this and look to check your work okay now we are ready to begin solving first they're going to scramble the cube Music Music okay so the cube has now been scrambled and it's ready to begin solving the first thing you're gonna want to do is pick a side to solve I always thought the white side just because it has the little Rubik's Cube logo on it to tell which side is supposed to be which color it's easy just look at the centerpiece the centerpiece indicates which color the side must be at the end of the sole because no matter which way you turn the cube the middle piece will not change this is the white side the first thing we're gonna do when solving the white side is to be solving this white cross these pieces in the cross are called edge pieces edge pieces are simply pieces that have two colors on them there are eight of them so what we need to do right now is find a white edge piece let's look around the cube while keeping the white side on top and find a white edge piece here's one of them it's white and red so we're gonna do is put it on the bottom layer and then twist the bottom layer or if you remember the D side so that it's lined up with the red right here red red white and then whites up here we just twist this side 180 degrees and now in this case the piece is in the right spot but it's not flipped the right way white white red red this is where our first algorithm comes in this algorithm goes like this F prime u L prime u prime and as you can see white white red red we have one out of four edge pieces solved in the white cross let's find another white edge piece here white and green so as usual we're just gonna put it in the bottom layer and twist it till we get to the green side here it is twist this side 180 degrees and in this case we don't need to do the algorithm pense already orient it correctly so we have two out of the four edges let's just do it again by another white edge piece hmm here's one of them white and blue and then I line it up for the blue and the it's in the bottom layer now we just twist the 180 degrees if you hear any noise in the background just cuz my friend masters look right and Penny weeks okay this is a horrible video but anyway so look we got part of the white cross we just have one more edge piece and as you might be able to notice these are all lining up with their corresponding centers and this is very important because you can't just have you know white in any spot has to be in a one exact location so continuing on let's get this white piece in the bottom layer which it already is and is lined up with the orange twist at 180 degrees and hey we got the whole white cross done now even though this corner is also lined up it's actually not in right spot because the corners only have one spot just like the edges so I'm just gonna push this out of the way so here's the white cross it's done we are almost on the first layer what we need to do now is solve all four corners so this is very similar to solving the edges you just need to put it where it needs to be and then do an algorithm to orient it correctly so let's find a white corner piece here's one of them it's white orange and blue so line it up white orange blue white orange and blue.

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