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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Revenue

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Revenue

There was a time that I was flipping burgers at McDonald's making a minimum wage they don't think I ever expected to make multiple sources of income heck I barely made enough to buy my own lunch while I was on shift but now I can proudly say that I have seven multiple streams of income they get deposited into my bank account every single month today I want to highlight what those seven sources of income are how you can get started yourself and one of the biggest dangers to watch out Music Applause Music for me it all started when I read Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad have you even read that book yet I strongly suggest you pick it up so in Roberts book he talks about his dad who worked for the government had a nice safe state job and then he had his friend's dad who was the entrepreneur investor and in that book he shared his cash flow quadrant on the left side you had employees and the self-employed on the right side you had business owners and then investors now when I was McDonald's I was an employee and a poorly paid employee at that when I read that book I realized I needed to get to the right side of that quadrant I want to become a business owner I wanted to become an investor but when I read this book I was kind of young I was in my early 20s and I really didn't know what that meant I had a decent job but I was still on the left side as an employee so one of the dangers especially in that book because he does talk about this is we want to get on that right side of the quadrant and one of the opportunities that exist all the time is multi-level marketing now most likely you've been approached by a friend a friend of a friend we're kind of Facebook message requests about some sort of party that they're offering now I'm not saying that all multi-level marketing is bad but it has marketed as an easy way to become an investor takes a little upfront capital maybe 100 bucks 500 bucks and now you become a business owner and you become an investor now I'm sure there are people are making really good money off multi-level marketing but at least in my experience not only do I get burned on not one but two different multi-level marketing businesses but I've seen a lot of other people ruined not just financially but just French Dip through them because they're always pitching their product so if you're looking for a shortcut to go from the left side of that quadrant to the right side please avoid multi-level marketing so for me when I realized that I wanted to have more than one stream of income to have multiple streams of income you got to have at least one income to start so this could be your job and for me my main source of income starting my career was me becoming a financial advisor and that was my main thing and when I was an advisor that's when I looked at multi-level marketing and wasted a lot of time wasted a lot of money and it went nowhere and I realized that I started pulling myself away from what I was really good at that's when I realized that it was pulling me away from the thing that I was good at being a financial adviser I started reinvesting back my time and energy into growing my practice getting new clients marketing myself and just getting myself out there to where I could grow my business when I learned is when you start focusing at a time and growing that business or growing whatever the income source is is that you gain valuable experience you gain valuable connections that you can use later on in life so as my financial adviser business continued to grow that's when I started looking at adopting another source of secondary income and for me that in a vein my blog could vital cents calm so I launched this thing back in July of 2021 and I didn't know anything about blogging I launched it because I wanted to market myself more get more clients build my business what I didn't realize was that the blog end up becoming its own separate income source let me tell you that blew me away because I had no idea that you could make money from blogging but I was able to make some really good connections with other personal clients bloggers that were making a killing from their blogs and when they shared their numbers that they were making ten thousand twenty thousand forty thousand dollars a month from their websites I was blown away so when I realized that the blog could become a secondary income source I started doing a lot of research started forgot ways that I could monetize it sure enough within a few short months I was able to make my first 100 dollars from my blog now I know a hundred dollars is not a lot of money it was for me at the time maybe it is for you right now but for me it was just a sign of a lot of great things to come because I'd never made any money from a website online so to make a hundred dollars which was a check that I could cash and take to the bank I was excited and the cool thing is that 100 dollars continue to grow but from 100 to 500 to a thousand to 2,000 to 3,000 to 4,000 5,000 this is over the course of about a year and a half to 2 so $400 a month would it make a difference in your life would a thousand dollars a.

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