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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 2220 Text

Instructions and Help about Are Form 2220 Text

Big dreams don't happen alone long before they come to fruition we share them with those we love and trust told me he loved me that I was his best friend he said thank you for being my guardian when I needed it and being my mom when I needed to be set straight that captivating smile that he had that mischievious little smirk he has that was him he would light up a room he'd walk in and not know anybody and all of a sudden everybody was drawn to him drawn to Big Ideas Taylor made his list as a teenager number one joined the army mom resisted at first and I just said go forward be who would be this protector I know you're gonna succeed goal met number 13 get a job Taylor chose Colorado state trooper on May 23rd Taylor was almost at the end of his cadet training and was on a ride-along with trooper Clinton rushing Taylor text me that day at 7:30 and said I'm you know I'm at an accident at highway 1 in highway 66 warned of a chase coming their way the cadet and trooper deployed stop sticks the driver didn't stop both men were hit at that time I screamed I just screamed no not him please not him Taylor died at the scene trooper rushing was critically hurt a tow truck driver also there wasn't hurt he said Taylor shouted at him to get out of the way they died a hero he saved a man's life so he can go home to his little one save a life goal number nine achieved there were so many more goals many only the two of them knew about looking through his phone I was the one that he inadvertently spoke to last their conversation wasn't supposed to end Carol tried to keep it going I would text him just to keep in touch with him I got a few real short ones I love you I miss you that type of stuff I just ignored him one night in particular just having a really bad night just telling him I love you and I miss you and please come see me and then they got a very heartfelt one that's when she got a response he said I'm a sergeant with the Greeley police and I told them who I was and then it was like the breath got sucked out of me because the reply was about Taylor and about the accident sergeant Cal Jose had a new phone with a new number turns out it was Taylor's old number he offered to change the number Carol asked him not to after all he was doing what Taylor wanted to do he never got to experience all the great things of this job I have got to do that and I think it's I think it's good for me to remember all the great things that although all the wonderful things he was looking forward to everything he dreamed of 233 years ago as a new officer it's like I always have a low angel in my pocket now and so the conversation didn't end and while Taylor never got the chance to reach many of his goals as fate would have it he did find a way to accomplish number 22 peace trying to make a difference I never want them to forget Taylor tifo and so the list goes on.

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