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Are Form 2220 User

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Hello this is Randy with Excel for freelancers and today we're going to show you this amazing trick of using horizontal tabs within an Excel worksheet and it's a great way to display lots of data in a small area all righty let's get started I've got my horizontal tabs worksheet open here and as you can see it's been divided up into three sections I've got general employee information I've got some time clocking history detail and I've got an earnings history table so I've got these three sections and basically the idea is what we want to do for the tabs is to create a tabs that display the sections individually all right so here's how we're going to do that what we'll do is we first point in add the shapes and to do that we'll go into insert and then shapes and then we'll go ahead and choose our same side corner rectangle here and we'll go ahead and just put that out here that should be a pretty good-sized bear we'll make it a little bit longer and so to do that now basically we all want to do is duplicate that five other times so we're going to make six of these three tabs six shapes so control D one two three four five and that creates our six individual tabs okay next what we want to do is we want to grab those and differentiate them into two different sets of three and to do this I'm going to use this select objects tool here if you don't have this tool here in your quick you know I recommend you get it when working with sheets and to do that all we have to do is go into more commands and then what we'll do is we select the all commands here and we locate under and we locate we're looking for something we're looking for this select objects because it's a really anti tool and then once you locate it you'll just add it click it and add it over to that since I already have it it's not going to be there but that's a great way to get that tool and to - this tools get out once we click that tool we can then go ahead and select so we're going to select three of them okay and we're going to move those over going to separate those and then we get we've got three so so that's a great way to separate and then just make sure you unclick the select objects tool when you want to go back to working in our mode okay so the first thing you want to do is want to diff we've differentiated our three different tabs and we will select another way to select multiples hold the ctrl down and then select so we've got three of these now we want to change the look of three of these tabs and to do that we can go here to format 11 or we can right-click and format the objects and one it seems the field color and what I want to do is I want to change it to the background color a part of it so we'll go to a gradient fill here okay linear is good and then we're going to go from light to dark okay which is good it's actually already set up on mine you might have three three taps so if you have an extra one here you know that you look at it just click there and then remove it so basically you want a two different gradient stops okay so our dark stop we're going to go from light to dark so our darker stop will be this color here and use this because this is the same as a background color and then our second stop here will be we'll go with a lighter color so we're gonna go from light to dark okay so that we have this this looks okay and then close that okay so now you see it's got the light to darks and the idea is for the dark part to match the background okay and the border looks a little bit thick on these so let's change the border but I want to change them all so I'm going to go back into our select objects and I'm going to I'm going to choose select all of them and then what we'll do is we're going to change the border to a little bit smaller border so in to format shape outline and then we'll take the way down to perhaps about one point that would be good okay and now we've now let's go ahead and change the look of these bowls surround those and we'll go into format and maybe we will let's give it up flat dark blue so now we've got three different tabs in three different in two different sets three tabs each okay now let's uh go ahead and insert a border so that we can encompass all of those so we're going to basically take this shape which is our rounded rectangle we're just going to bomb let's see give it a nice border here okay and obviously we don't want to fill on that we're just looking for a border so we'll click no fill on that okay we're going to make this also the same thickness on the weight so we're going to also go to one point here okay and we can lower that a little bit change the change the look of it okay so now our tab is starting to come into okay and the important thing is the idea is we want to move we want to basically hide columns and show columns based on you know the click of the tab but we don't want to do is we don't want.

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