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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Adjustment

Okay go into a call where the walk-in cooler I was there the other day the expansion valves hunting really bad Coyle TV is once up to 30 degrees temperature difference across the coil - nine I think it was i'ma go right back up the thirty boss there's constantly hunting because of it when it opens up and it goes down to minus nine like that you get bubbles in the sight glass and somebody had put gas in the system was r22 they overcharged it I got a call from the guy that his compressing kept tripping the breaker so I went there and he took a lot a bunch of gas out of the system they check the expansion valve and I found that it was hunting really bad it was swinging so what I ended up doing was I picked up bus I expansion valve components I have to put it together on the job but that's what I have to do today take care of that aunty ok today we're working on a bone - walking cooler sodas and beers and we're having a problem with this this expansion valve and it's hunting really bad temperature will rise and drop down to low and rise and drop down too low it's not is stable and there's a beer cooler I'm trying to keep up 15 degree temperature difference between the the outlet over here the temperature of this outlet the temperature of the inlet under these distributor tubes up here distributed to should be 15 degrees colder than the outlet and I'm not getting that I'm getting little swing from 30 degrees to zero and then back to 30 I mean it's cold in here it's keeping temperature but it's making life difficult for the expansion valve okay what God is headed by the expansion valve components together myself here's the the power assembly it's hard we'll eventually get murdered over r22 as the power assembly the expansion valve body sternal equalizer in it and this is the cage kid is called his cage kid and this has to fit inside of inside of the body here was important as I put with kyoya oil on this little rubber Gasquet here you don't want to use regular oil because that's got wax and then wax is very detrimental to an expansion valve it's a little tricky to get this in here you can came with this socket fits right in there exactly get us started and tighten it down I use pol for a lubricant on this on the threads on the gasket I probably could have used the and nighlok's that's a lubricant also but I didn't want it to plug up and the rest of the valve body a lot of guys have pros and cons about using sealants I like sealants just because I don't like leaks so I'm going to use a little bit of sealant on these threads here but very very very merrily this I don't want to and I'm putting on this the mail fees here as well happiness it'll actually and if you can see how severely but it'll actually get pushed down and not valve body the thread said they put any sealant on the threads usually don't have to build around usually the guy at the supply house or building or you can write the speech and elves are agreed so it's a nice thing quite a few years ago I bought an expansion valve at the supply house and the guy had we had a customer that needed something so he took up couple of elves apart made one for again and he didn't tighten this up I came in next day thinking it was fine Oh fighting off on the factory we're on job and two days later all the gas had leaked out of it okay say just put a very small down see on Donna Girish here these threat - so they're fine threats distributed I only put a very fine amount on you can see that the compressor down basement inside of the power assembly spring and Bella's of the cage that I just put in pushes against the bellows here force you want to give the fish snugfit or something it's just that take power and soothing what I was looking for when you stripper brass the thread will come out I look like a little fresh string not a good sign when we see them this is going on very cautious about okay within tight this is a strainer right here got to be careful it's got a little spring clips and then to hold it be careful sometimes they fall out on Union with under shelves for okay now there's my fellow from England he actually got upset that I was using leek luck the numbers using Lee Clark on threads I I don't know why you got upset his ceiling just prevents any leaks and you've got expansion and contraction going on here this this point here is usually the coldest point in the system it'll get very very very cold and when system shuts off it warms up those background again it gets very very very so this flare not is made of brass you have the copper tube you have the wrestler and this body is probably brass or bronze you have different coefficients of expansion and track this flaring I will literally come loose I mean I not on a job and the flare night was just I can move my fingers are so loose and then all the gas leaks out of the system so I I like to use see how much I put on there not very much and I'm careful not to get it in to the end of the this fella was upset he was citing some ADF that he read from some company I don't what.

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