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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Applicable

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Applicable

In this video I'm going to show you how to create a conditional form using a free wordpress plugin that will allow you to have certain parts of your form appear and disappear depending on the user input and we're getting started right now everybody welcome back it's Bjorn from WP learning lab but we help you get better WordPress so you can earn more for your business for your clients and for yourself if it's your first time here make sure to subscribe button with the bail notification icon to notify and publish more awesome material and with that out of the way let's head over the screen capture and start building this conditional form I'll see you there so here we are on the WordPress dashboard we're going to hover over plugins and then add new I'm going to search for caldera forms when we wanted to the first one on the top left here all the others are other add-ons for the forms you can investigate if you like this plug-in but the main plug-in is this first one here I'm going to click on install now and then activate now the form is active you can choose to sign up for their update list here if you want to totally up to you and calvero forms adds a menu option on the left hand side over here I'm going to click on forms caldera forms has a free version and a premium version the free version does everything you probably want it to do the premium add some extra bells and whistles that most people won't even need so I find the free versions awesome so we're just going use the free one to do this but just so you know there's an option to get a premium one for more stuff if you want to then click on the new form button right up here now we're just going to start off with a blank form if you know what kind of form you want starting from a template is a good idea because all the data is already in there so to make your job a little bit fast a little bit easier always start from a blank form so you can see all the functionality works I'm going to call this form service booking form I'm going to click on creating you our blank form is created all we have is this blank row right here to add a field all we do is drag and drop this button onto that row and it pops up with all the options we have for things to add and there are a lot of options we have under the basic menu we have all of these options under the Select menu all of these the file menu the content the e-commerce and the special there's a lot of different options chances are it's going to cover all the bases for what your business needs in regards to a form on a website so I encourage you look through all these options I'm just going to use some basic ones to show you how the form works and you can go and explore further if you run into any problems just ask questions in the comments below if I can help you I will and for this example words can use a single line text first I click on the set field and it adds that field here on the right-hand side we have some data to fill out there to fill in a name for it I'm just going to call this first name because that's what I want people to enter there I'm going to make it required and that's that's the basics of what you have to do for each field I'm going to add another one I'm going to call it last name make it required I'm going to add another one I'm going to make an email address let's call it email and make it required and then I'm going to add phone number the basic phone number make that required as well now these are the basics for what I want the people to enter and I'm going to have two different services that I offer I'm going to have them select which one they want through a drop down menu so I'm going to click on add field and drag it down here again in fact we're just going to make a new row gonna click on this plus button to make a new row we're going to add field put it down there and I'm going to have a select menu which is going to be a drop-down select and the name is going to be services make it required down at the bottom we add the options look like in the add option button and the first one is going to be phone consult and the second one is going to be in house visit so now we have two options set for our drop-down now I also want to add down below and address see if they have an address field they don't just going to use the single line text again it's going to call it address make it required and the reason I'm adding address is because if I'm doing an in-house visit I want to be able to tell me what the address is because I want to be able to go there but if they're choosing the phone consult I don't need their address so I'm going to make the form take that option out take the address field out if they choose phone consult and we do that by going over two conditions clicking add conditional group I'm going to call this remove address for phone consult be very descriptive so I know what I'm doing here type it's going to be heid add conditional line and click on that.

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