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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Browse

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Browse

Hello everyone and welcome to the decks imaging help desk YouTube channel today we are going to go over on how to create a folder and share it out to the network in order for us to scan to that folder from your copier let's go ahead and get started first thing we want to do is we want to open file explorer which would be in the bottom dock once you open this up you want to go over to the left forces on this PC once you click on this PC you want to double click on the local disk and we are going to create a folder on the root of your C Drive so we're going to right click on the white space go over to new click on folder we're going to call it scans perfect now that we created the folder we're going to go over to the Start button then we're going to go over to settings then we're going to over to accounts you'll see the account that we're logged in as right here on the top it's going to be called help desk so now that we have the account name we can close that at this point we're going to pause Windows 10 we're going to go over on Windows 7 how to share a folder on to your Windows 7 machine you're just going to go down to the bottom dock to Windows Explorer and click on that then on the left hand side you're going to click on computer remember that on Windows 10 is said this PC on Windows 7 is computer we're going to we're going to go into the local disk and then we're going to right click on the white space and click on new and then folder oops looks like I missed that click on folder again and we're going to label it scans now we're going to go over to the control panel to see how we're logging in as what our username is so I'm going to click on start and then control panel then we're going to go over to user accounts and family safety then again to user accounts and as you can see we are logging in as helpdesk that's our username now we can also verify that by going into the Left menu where it says configure advanced user profile properties if you click there you can see the host name of the computer plus the username your login in s so that's very important you need to know what the login is click OK we're going to click on close and now you can follow the video on the Windows 10 setup for SMB scanning ok so we're back to Windows 10 we're going to right click on scans we're going to go back into the properties section where we then going to go to sharing the sharing tap on the right I'm going to scroll down here where it says advanced sharing click on the advanced sharing option I'm going to click on share this folder and leave the name as scans and then we're going to click down here versus permissions we see that everyone has access to read we're going to give allow access for everything full control under everyone and I'm also going to add the user that we saw under the user accounts so it was helpdesk once you type it in and it needs to be typed in the same way as you see it on the list so let me just show you real quick then go back there settings account and you see that help desk so it's written exactly the same way okay that is very important because this is what's going to happen once we click check names you see that it populates with the host name of the computer and it adds the user account so we're going to click OK now we're going to give full rights to that user going to click apply then we're going to click OK apply again and okay and now we have the network path which is very important because we're going to use we're going to use that once we remote into your copiers IP address so we're going to go ahead and copy that for now you can highlight click and drag right click on it and then click on copy then we're going to go to security we're going to click on edit on the right hand side and then we're going to click on add and again it needs to be the same way it's just be written the same way so make sure we type it in exactly how we see it check names perfect click OK we can see our user is right there right and give full control click apply and ok and close we're going to now right click on the folder and then we're going to go over to send to and we're going to send it over to the desktop now as you can see we have a little shortcut here this is scans shortcut and it's the same location of where this file is ok so we can close that and we can also close this ok so now that we have our scans folder and we know what our passes I will have links on the top right hand corner that would take you to sharp Konica cannon and Kyocera on how to add the SMB entries on the address book via the web interface if you need to pause the video so you can click on those links if you guys are enjoying these videos come and check us out at our youtube channel decks imaging helpdesk we will continue to add instructional videos just like this one in the future thank you so much for watching and have a great day.

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