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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Chooses

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Chooses

Music Music Applause you know that sound that you heard right now that's the sound of a heart beating when you're so stressed and you've got a situation happening in your life you feel nervous you feel anxious you've got anxiety running through your veins your throat becomes so tight you don't know what to feel or think it could have been the moment that you're waiting for your exam results it could have been the moment that you're in a hospital and you're also waiting for your results it could have been the moment that you wanted to speak to someone but you didn't have the courage it could have been the moment someone was shouting at you and making you feel hurt and angry inside does any of you remember that feeling that pounding of your heart I remember a day and I want to take you back to that day I was just 14 years old I was just like you I was at school and my high school years I was going through the local library it was a weekend day a Saturday to get some books and there was a small alley just beside the library where I agreed to go through it to the back to meet my mother she was picking me up while I was passing through this alley I realized that the bright sunshine that was surrounding me outside was no longer there but it was a very dark space there was no light at all this dark alley smelled of wet damp dampness like the water had been on the walls for a long time this place was the place that the bad students used to hang out and they used to smoke cigarettes it wasn't somewhere where I wanted to go but I had to I was passing through the alley and I decided to take a step as I was going down the steps I realized that the world were surrounded with painting and writing it was graffiti all across the walls that was big writing a small writing I couldn't make out what it said at first I realized it was my name I could see my name on the walls when I was looking at the name I realized it's not my birth name that I could see it was the name that the bullies at school used to call me it was the name that they used to shout across the streets to me hey alien head I was looking at that wall and I was thinking why enough someone write about me in the walls why would they do this do I look like this do I look like an alien do I have ugly face and gray skin and really old-looking a monstrosity like this I can understand why teenagers or anyone with once bully me and call me such horrible names maybe it was the fact that my parents moved us to this new town maybe it was because I was a new person in a new community and nobody knew who I was maybe it was because they didn't have a lot of friends who knows but how bullying happens all the time in our lives and it needs to stop I went home that night and cried so much I didn't tell my parents I didn't tell my friends in fact I didn't tell anyone throughout all my school years I was bullied I was called names left and right just because he didn't have friends and I didn't know anyone it's that the right kind of behavior that we need to live with I decided it has to stop I had to put a stop to it but I couldn't if I was to describe it to you right now this is all I could Applause I was feeling blurriness in my mind I had emotions inside of me I didn't know how to handle it I was feeling sadness I was feeling weak I was feeling alone I just want you to close your eyes right now just close your eyes and imagine imagine don't you just want to switch off that sound because it's horrible imagine being a teenager and feeling like that not knowing who to talk to I decided one day to wake up I decided that happiness is the only path for me in life I decided to go to school and ignore the bullies I stood up for myself I went to the art room and I painted amazing pictures I just I displayed my courage everywhere around me and I decided to ignore them I decided that happiness can be created every day in my life it doesn't matter what's going on around you you can be going through financial difficulties you can be having a marriage problem you can be scared of your exams but if you choose happiness you can wake up and make a choice to follow happiness you can create happiness by following your dreams you can really choose the life that you want in a simple action of positive thinking I came to Dubai after traveling the world I started a new corporate world and that corporate world was full of people that were unhappy they had financial difficulties they were feeling lack of recognition people were sitting in their desks really hating their job and they didn't know how to create happiness they were lacking happiness they were lacking a human touch they started to call me mother Teresa they saw me coming into work and really trying to bring happiness to them I was doing everything I could to bring happiness to them I would put little smiley faces on their desk in the morning before they reached I would draw smiley faces and stick it on their computer screen I would bring in fruits grapes chocolates you name it and I would call.

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