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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Circular

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Circular

Hi I'm Shannon from host improvements comm and if you're doing a floor tiling project just in the bathroom you've probably come across this problem where you've got a toilet flanged in the floor that you need to cut a tile around so we're gonna deal with that exact topic in this video so we've got a bit of a sample floor here that we've been shooting a few videos with and we're just gonna say that we've got a toilet flange here in the floor yours is going to be wherever this particular one ends up being you know out in the middle of a single tile you could have one where it's you know maybe it catches two or three tiles all at the same time both in that situation it's actually easier but in our case we're gonna need to cut a hole for that flange out of the basically the center of a tile so the first thing really that I need to do is I need to find the center of the flange okay so measuring off the tile the last tile or maybe you've just got a line on the floor or whatever I'm at about 15 and what are sorry five and 1/8 now our grout lines in this case are about 3/16 so if I just go five inches that'll be close enough to find the center point there so I've got my tile that I want to cut into so I'll just start out by getting a mark at 5 inches then I've got to find out you know find my my point this direction from the from the existing tile roll so I'm lining this up with the edge of this tile just getting a street and I can measure off of there to find the centre so right there to the edge of the tile I'm gonna be 6 and 1/2 so that would be from this side so right there is the center of my flange if my tiles sitting in here like this okay I'm just going to mark an arrow on the tile so I don't turn it I just know that the arrow I want facing away from me okay so there's a couple different scenarios that you might have in most cases I like to be able to have the flange disconnected from below so I can take it on and off in your case your flange might be connected you can't get at it and it could be already fastened to the floor so in that case you want to actually cut your tile to fit the outside of that flange and what I would do is just measure your flange in this case it's seven inches so I'd want to make my actual hole about seven and a quarter inches so it gives you a little bit of breathing room around it then when you put your tile in and go to grout you can grow that space it shouldn't show anyways your toilet should cover it but and in that case then you're gonna want to use a couple of wax rings because this flange is actually lower than it should be in that particular case the reason I like to have my flanges so that they're removable and I put it in after the tile is so that it can sit up on the tile and it gets a nice better seal to the toilet so that's that's the way I'm going to show you how to do it really the only differences is in the circumference of the hole so in my case because I want the tile to sit up on the hole I need the hole in that tile to be slightly smaller than the hole diameter of this so we said this was 7 inches it's got some screw locations in there so just to make it easy I don't want to have to drill through the tile to put those screws in so I need my tile just to come in you know about that much underneath the flange and then this screwing through won't be any problem so looks like that if I come in about 1/4 inch each way so 1/2 inch total so I'm going to go instead of 7 inches I'd go 6 and 1/2 so I'll just use my protractor here to draw a circle I'm going to set this up three and a quarter start at the one I should have this setup before we were ready to go okay so yeah so that'd be three and a quarter which would be six and a half so we've got our center location I'll just mark that you sure your point the point of your compass isn't sliding around on you too much sure you're pretty accurate okay so there you can see that's the circumference or the diameter that we want to cut that tile out so that we can put the tile in place and then slip the flange away without it falling through so what I like to do to cut that hole is I like to use an angle grinder with a tile cutting or a masonry type segmented saw blade in it okay and I'm going to obviously be using high protection hearing protection end and a mask for the dust your grinder hopefully how's it guarded on it to be safer so basically what I'm going to do is turn the grinder on and I'm going to score a line or a saw rescore a mark all the way around on that line I've got a little bit of leeway but I basically want to stay pretty close to that this is going to create a fair bit of dust and you know so you might might even want to vacuum going or whatever to suck up some of that dust but I'm.

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