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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Clipboard

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Clipboard

Hello and welcome to the Kenneth Burke Hammond law office legal podcast in this edition we look at DWI driving under the influence and in particular the stop of the vehicle and questions that an attorney will ask you if you're charged with DWI and have an office consultation with with the attorney let's see so some of the typical questions that you'll be asked by the attorney ER and what city or state were you stopped did the officers see you driving innovated did admit to driving the vehicle if you did drive what route did you take and where did your trip begin and end was anyone else in the vehicle with you we're traveling with you but following another car those are important because oftentimes we need witnesses or you need witnesses that could testify that you were not drinking or did not appear to be under the influence let's see questions will be asked such as what were the weather conditions the road conditions the lighting traffic along the route what was the time of the arrest what was the time the officer stopped you which is sometimes different from the arrest did you officer have advised reason for stopping you let's see what's the vehicle and what did the officer indicate to you as a reason for the traffic stop or contact with you speeding weaving accident roadblock etc let's see you'll need to be as detailed possible while the officers said they pull you over now probable cause for the arrest is different from probable cause for the stopped because please could stop someone before they believed to be a minor traffic offense but they need probable cause and reasonable cause to arrest to bring someone in for a breath test so when what did the police say to you when they stopped you do they question you did they ask you to exit the car New Jersey's had recent cases that limit the police ability to stop someone for no reason or have it exit the vehicle for do you recall exiting the vehicle did he walk to the front and back of the car how long did you stand in one place to the police find any alcohol bottles drugs containers or other such evidence in the car did you take any field sobriety tests known as f st s field balance coordination test prior to being arrested handcuffed if so did you pass or fail when your order to take the field to pra testament did you do those voluntarily there is no New Jersey law yet that requires someone take a field sobriety test you are required under New Jersey to take a prbreath samples breath samples more than one other questions did you tell you all this year under the influence of drugs or alcohol when operating a vehicle did you have a do you have any physical issues out would affect your ability to do balance test physical issues health problems etc that will prevent someone from let's say walking a straight line now it's important to try to remember the different field sobriety tests that you were given the night of the arrest don't just wait for the discovery to come in for example some of the tests are following a pen figure other object with your eye so it's called a horizontal gaze nystagmus test other tests include standing with your head tilted back your eyes closed feet together or standing on one foot for a period of time you know saying the ABCs walking the straight line heel to toe we're touching your nose with a thing some police departments now have a road side handhold breath test that's different from the alco test or breathalyzer and there's no New Jersey requirement eat take one on the side of the road if you did take a handheld breath test what were the results other important things what type of shoes we wear some a woman who has high heels without difficulty doing field sobriety test it's important to remember did you fail to satisfactory for the bounds of coordination test as demonstrated to you by office and did the officer in fact demonstrate all the tests I see the attorney Lynn ask you about something about the drinking and what you told the police as to your consumption let's see now the issue on prescription medications prescription medications don't affect the blood alcohol level but they affect someone's ability to drive and it's important to indicate what you may have told the police as to prescription medications that you were taking on that day in whether or not there was a there was a drug a drug test that was done you know blood test urine test things like that and then also another question after you stopped the vehicle did you drink anything after you stopped the vehicle and last save your medical conditions recent illnesses or injuries are important for a dip for representation for some recharge with dwr criminal offenses call the law office of kenna for camming 732 dash 5720 500 205 to woodridge avenue edison new jersey on the web at WWE laws calm or be not guilty calm that's ve not guilty calm thank you and good luck.

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