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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Deductions

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Deductions

All right everybody welcome to tonight's presentation I've got six o'clock Eastern here on the dot so we're gonna go ahead and get started before we dive in first off I want to say welcome tonight we're gonna be talking about itemized deductions versus standard deductions you know I think back back to my my college days and you know whenever they'd start a lecture they'd always tell you what class you're in to make sure you're in the right place but you guys have made it here on your own yeah you probably know what you're here for we're talking about schedule a deductions tonight versus standard deductions we're going to be running through about 40 slides of information here where we'll be really diving into the topic in in detail and really getting down to I'd say the granular level of the differences between the two and the details associated with each of these deductions that are available out there tonight I'm joined by Derek north he's an enrolled agent here at Federal Direct and one of our premier account reps for those of you that are regulars to the webinars he's very familiar to you and those of you guys there Federal Direct Partner offices you've probably picked his brain on a number of occasions on some of your higher level tax questions that you might have but tonight he's going to be taking the lead on this done most of the homework behind it but before we officially get in here just a little bit of housekeeping so to speak we do have a couple of polling questions that I will be asking you throughout the presentation there will be two questions that we will have and those polling questions really it's I guess I should...