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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Feedback

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Feedback

So in other videos that I've done I brought up a lot of times where where you should bring up feedback where is it most effective but even if you you know followed all of my advice you still could be giving feedback the wrong way let me give you an example so let's say you are having students complete a project for you they're supposed to put from scratch together a birdhouse and this is the birdhouse that you get from one of the students and you know looking at it there's I mean lots and lots of issues with this birdhouse you know the colors are all off to what you suggested the painting is terrible it's not weather proofing the will the wood the roof is crooked and the hole for the birdhouse is way too big so that means that squirrels will get inside you know tons of details so what you could do is basically just I mean tear this thing apart just judge it right you could just judge it and that's the one thing you really want to move away from when you're giving feedback is judging and I've I mean when I was university I got this feedback on a lot of my projects confusing misdirecting what does that mean you have to give people you don't don't pass judgment you're what you're there to do is to improve the quality of that product so if I gave all the feedback about this particular project to the student it would be very hard for them to distinguish especially for a novice which Purse they should actually focus on Wow really the most important part here is maybe making it structurally sound so that's the first thing I might tackle with the student and that's the first piece of advice and feedback and instruction that I might I might give them what I'm asking you to do is that when you're determining what your assessment and feedback goals are you have to think about if the student walks away with one thing and they're able to do that thing well what is that one thing well I know that if I give feedback about the the structure of the house and firstly the first thing I want to do is not have the student learn how to paint the colors right in a rooftop of a birdhouse but I want them to be for it to be structurally you know stable then that's what I focus on in my first feedback we tend to overwhelm our learners with with everything and then they never actually they don't have the experience be able to step back and see you know look at all these grammar and punctuation errors I'm going to fix them now instead of did I actually build a good a good argument in this thesis so what's most important doesn't mean that the things that you're commenting on are more important than others but in order for us to get to a level of mastery with anything we have to start somewhere and you have to think about what are the most important aspects and qualities and skills to build before we can get there that's why I think the other thing after talking about Essentials is resubmission we don't offer that enough so providing feedback is one thing but are you giving people opportunity to integrate that feedback they received to produce a better product imagine this birdhouse let me know I've had so many projects even in school as a little kid where you hand it in and you get to feel bad about that birdhouse you made for the rest of your life because nobody ever gave you a chance to go back and try it again give them a chance to take the feedback that you've given them and incorporate it and build on that on those skills that they already have because I mean this shows some skill I mean it kind of looks like a birdhouse right so give that opportunity for them to integrate that that feedback from you the expertise but make it focused so that they can walk away knowing exactly what they need to do they don't have to dig through all of the feedback you've given them they can move on to that in the next part in this video I was trying to demonstrate how you can get from a not-so-good birdhouse to an awesome birdhouse for little birdies I hope this helped you seriously I've some good feedback I am expecting some people in the comments please also if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up I think it's down there favorited if it's your favorite and you have a YouTube channel if you don't you should start one up and subscribe it's up there and like I said I'm looking for feedback I'm also looking for some comments and ideas please post them in the space below and I'll talk to you next time.

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