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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Foundations

So to show me what you've been doing all day and as you know I've been making sheets of wax and the important thing to remember it to work out how thick you want those sheets to be yeah I see so you made a paddle just right sighs yep those are the frame to the beehives know they could be any size and that's the paddle I made and it's made of pine 3/4 inch just a rough bit and but the screws shouldn't go all the way through otherwise they'll be trouble well yes yeah I see okay both frying sausages no that's for melting the wax no it has to be big enough to put battling I found that on the scrap heap okay the junkyard and also that thing which is a water container that's big enough for the band made for each other on there yeah what I hope Joe Oh careful your finger Oh perfect so you need to ha to hang on to you and then I broke open the gate oh but I killed him yeah but we don't use that one well if you run out of gas can get that's the heating element yeah just we could do it just by pouring water in hot water in all the time but this is going to be easier and then folks again really essential but what actually keeps their school to keep the wax melted - yeah exactly again so then I plugged in the element and it worked yeah seems to Robin's bank doesn't it oh it's pretty hot yeah I left this too hot but that's just error lies it for a while and then I let it cool down to 75 degrees meanwhile I just water by the other part of the container so why are you doing this guy ah just wetting the paddle giving it a good shake and then putting it into the melted wax ah look at that oh that beautiful yeah back in the water okay why is that oh just to get it all solid mm-hmm yeah trim it or generally knife and then watch this pizzas creep oh lovely perfect sheet the first one off is going to be dirtier but now after that they should be fine now the trick is you have to turn the paddle upside down straight away so the dribbles aren't on the surface I see I wonder could you make sheets of chocolate the same way oh no be great it would be great you could try it that's two layers but you could do more or fewer and I don't know why I'm showing this again but it's just kind of fun all those trimmings of course are still good wax so they can just go back in again yeah oh yeah smell them again another one hmm but like pasta sheets isn't it just missed about 20 or something in half an hour but now the thing is you can't use them as they are now well you could use them but they're too brittle for making anything with or putting in reserves strips of pasta and then yes enough with the best time just please wax like okay it's crumb it's brittle I said I would love rolling pin it's where it is yeah I'm warming up the sheets and this is that this is the bit I worked out recently it's brilliant you just give it a good rolling on both sides and something extraordinary happens on a molecular level what's that well you look this is the same width same length this is the one that's been rolled so all's I twist E and this is the one that wasn't rolled same temperature but listen they're very brittle exactly so both interesting up okay enough of this I'm good next time I'll show you what to do with them in the hives and what other things you can do I can subscribe.

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