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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Foundations

So to show me what you've been doing all day, and as you know, I've been making sheets of wax. The important thing to remember is to work out how thick you want those sheets to be. Yeah, I see. So you made a paddle just right. Yep, those are the frames for the beehives. You know, they could be any size. And that's the paddle I made, and it's made of pine, 3/4 inch. Just a rough bit, but the screws shouldn't go all the way through, otherwise they'll be trouble. Well, yes, yeah, I see. Okay, both frying sausages? No, that's for melting the wax. No, it has to be big enough to put the battling. I found that on the scrap heap, okay? The junkyard. And also, that thing which is a water container, that's big enough for the band made for each other on there, yeah. What I hope, Joe. Oh, careful, your finger. Oh, perfect. So you need to hang on to it, and then I broke open the gate. Oh, but I killed him. Yeah, but we don't use that one. Well, if you run out of gas, can get that's the heating element, yeah. Just, we could do it just by pouring water in hot water in all the time, but this is going to be easier. And then folks again, really essential. But what actually keeps their school? To keep the wax melted - yeah, exactly. Again, so then I plugged in the element, and it worked. Yeah, seems to Robin's bank, doesn't it? Oh, it's pretty hot. Yeah, I left this too hot, but that's just error lies it for a while, and then I let it cool down to 75 degrees. Meanwhile, I just water by the other part of...