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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Guidelines

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Guidelines

All right so you're trying out intermittent fasting or maybe you're doing a prolonged fast for a little bit more of an extended time period the fact is you might be a little bit confused as to what's gonna actually break your fast and what is not going to break your fast particularly in the world of liquids see liquids are kind of ambiguous with fasting because we automatically assume that because it's liquid it's not food so therefore because it's not food we have a hard time fathoming what's gonna actually break our fast or not so I wanted to clear it up so many people ask questions and if we actually just put it in a simple yes-or-no check box it'll help you out and it'll help you get through your fasting period in a more effective way but you'll still also know the things that you can implement to help you get through the day so fasting isn't quite so difficult so literally as we go through I'm gonna give it either a green checkmark or a red X and I'm gonna help you know what's gonna work for you hey if you haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button this is literally the Internet's and leading performance and nutrition Channel okay we have new videos coming out every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday and all kinds of other videos coming out throughout the remainder of the week too so make sure you hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications as well all right so first and foremost let's talk about black coffee for one second is black coffee going to break your fast well what's it gonna be what's it gonna be it is fasting safe okay black coffee is fasting safe and it's fasting safe simply because the polyphenols that are in coffee actually support autophagy okay meaning it actually expedites the cell recycling and sort of the rejuvenation process of fasting to begin with so although there's technically 3ish or forest calories and a cup of black coffee you're technically okay simply because you're still getting the added benefit so black coffee is totally good to go okay now I'm gonna jump around a little bit I'm not going to necessarily go straight on down the line but while we're talking about coffee let's talk about creamers for one second creamers will still break a fast okay so creamers are a no-go we have to keep creamers out of the equation unfortunately this means almond milk this means half-and-half things like that which we'll get to a few of those as we go down the line but that is gonna be the problem and that's where the confusion sets in if you're going to have coffee it needs to just be black you can add some stevia to it but do not add any sugar do and anything that has a caloric value okay so for the most part creamers are no-go sugars are no-go okay well let's talk about bulletproof coffee for a second this is a big one okay so drumroll what's it gonna be all right because here's where people really get confused and this is a question that comes up so often so bulletproof coffee is it fasting safe and it is not fasting safe okay so similar to how we talked about the creamers bulletproof coffee is just this confusing aura in the fasting community and the reason is is because so many people have touted bulletproof coffee as something that will help you're fast they're like oh it's got MCTS it's got coconut oil it's got ghee in there it's going to help you burn more fat no huge correction you need to know this bulletproof coffee is phenomenal if you're on a keto diet okay but bulletproof coffee does not lend itself to fasting you know how many calories are in a cup of bulletproof coffee we're talking like three sometimes four hundred calories okay that's a lot of calories that by no way is fasting safe unless you are doing some form of a liquid fast which we can talk about at a different time I've done videos on that too okay well let's jump down really quick and let's look at black tea and green tea for a second okay because black tea and green tea are interesting because they have leaves in them right so people think well I'm eating leaves well no you're eating water that's from the leaves you're not really eating the leaf so people always wonder if tea that is black or green is actually gonna break a fast they think that black tea and green tea would break a fast more so than black coffee not the case at all in fact there's less calories and tea than there are coffee and you're still getting the benefit now when it comes down to black tea and green tea you are and you are good to go so yes on black and yes on green now here's the cool thing you guys probably know Jason Fung right he does a lot of YouTube videos in the world of fasting dr. Jason Fung he's just amazing in the world of fasting so so he came out with this stuff Peak tea crystals and they sent me some and I told him that I would put them in a video because these things are awesome so not to hijack this video here real quick but they have like this one which is like a green ginger fasting tea specifically a fasting tea and they come in these little packets and it dissolves in hot or cold water that's the cool thing so you're actually getting a tea that is fasting safe and it's combined with different herbs to enhance your fasting experience but you can have iced tea in like a second okay and you're.

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