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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Installment

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Installment

Hi this is Tampa Tech and learn something new from PC TVs and gaming too let's get started alright this is how to install any printer basically without using the software so if you have Windows Vista Windows 7 they're very similar to each other in some ways so this is what you need to do first things first is click on the start button on the bottom left and then in the search bar right here click on that and type in printers ok and once you click on printers I'm sorry and then right here just click on Devices and Printers all right so I have my icons right here for my printers my green that that basically shows you that's my default printer so I when I hate could I hold down control when I hold down control P to print that would be my default printer to print alright so if you want to change that right-click it and then once you right click at this menu come up and then left click that alright so that's how you default dies right click it up quick default printer anyway getting getting back to the point as well I'm going to show you over here or it says add a printer alright you want to click on that it's going to basically install the software from the internet you have to be on the internet for it you know do this another way you get to it by the way is a control panel hardware printers same way click on add a printer alright once you this a menu will come up if it's connected through a USB printing cable click on the USB way don't touch any of this just hit next and when you hit next it'll come up with different you know manufacturers so if you have blood smart click on luck Lexmark and the model number of your printer alright if your model number of your printer is not there do Windows Update ok now it should work I don't know a better quarter by the way there's a huge list right here and then after that you hit next name your printer you could you can name it whatever name you want it could be Joe Schmo I like here hit next and then I'll start installing the printer it's not easy alright you can share it with other computers on your network basically your network means your router neck you're the d-link or Linksys whatever the heck you cancel that all right click dad because I don't have that printer I was showing you remove yes this is I don't want that clinging on I don't have that picture all right now I'm gonna show you the wireless way click on oh if you have any explanation points right here that means there's a problem so to get rid of that or you right-click it and then you could do troubleshoot and it should you know you might have to click do that a couple times and I'll find the solution and I'll do a quick fix on it all right but getting back to my point and a printer I'm getting sidetracked sorry there's so much to know it's so much to learn click on wireless printer alright so basically you'll start searching your network for our wireless printer and hopefully I don't look stupid and I'll actually find it sometime today eventually so finally it found it so once it go find it you want to click on it and highlight it sorry and hit next basically all right and I'll pop up down here and I'll say installing printer pop-ups will come up over here all right and then or says printer faxes and all that good stuff it'll pop up over here to the right all right now say device ready to use BAM bingo all right and then right here you can name it whatever name you want since you're successful and you name it Lex all right I named it Lex okay then you hit next you want to share this with other laptops yes or no maybe so it doesn't matter next set as your default printer print test page okay close finish alright so we that's how we did it let's go over here and find out if it's working golden alright this watching post comment and subscribe to Tampa tech peace out.

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