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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Logged

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Logged

Are you finally ready to learn how to create a custom member profile login page here in Wix well I'm finally here to give you that answer I know most of you have been asking me this crazy amount and that's perfect because that goes to show that you guys are utilizing Wix code to its full capabilities so I'm excited to finally deliver you this video so the question asked is how do you create a custom login page and I'm gonna explain it here in this video and when we define login page we mean a page where they could go click login it'll have prompt them to login or if they're already logged in it'll say my account and they could click my account and go to their profile page and you guys can style this page however you want in this video I'll show you how we're gonna do it before we hop into that guys head over to weekly Wix Wednesday comm again that's weekly Wix Wednesday comm we're here on that page now this is an email list designed to help you guys I created this list so I help people just like yourself learn new Wix tips tricks and tutorials and I send them out every single Wednesday in the form of an email I've helped so many people already and thanks to you guys more people just keep adding on to that list and I love watching all of you progress over this period of time so go check that list out and get on it if you haven't already now let's hop into the meat of the video so before we actually get into the whole meat of everything let me first explain a few pre-record prerequisites to this video one you need to be able to know how to create a database and already have one set up for your member profiles and then you also need to know how to create a dynamic page off of that database now I'll briefly run through it in the video to explain certain elements that connect to the login page but again it's expected that you already know how to do these things if you don't I will link my two videos explaining how to do them in the description below and you could check those out if you haven't already the next thing is I have provided you guys a Google Drive link to the code to actually go ahead and access that code to put it on to your custom member login page so this is the code that we're going to be using it's JavaScript and this is well I'll show you exactly where it goes but this is the exact code you will just need to change certain buttons or values as I show you in the video so this is the code we will be using now let's go into the actual website so you'll see right off the bat I created a page and I named it member login so this would be the login page now you guys can design this page however you want just know that you need two buttons on this page to work with the code that I have provided you need a login button and you need a my profile button the login is pretty self-explanatory someone clicks this it'll prompt them to login if they're already logged in it will show a logout button you don't need to create a separate one for that it'll show it based off of the values we provide in the code the my profile button will only pop up when the user is logged in this my profile button will redirect them to their profile based off the dynamic page now I know that may seem a little complex but that's where we're at so far so now we're going to need to create two things in this video prerequisites you need a database in our database it's very simple we have a database that has full name email profile picture bio now in this video we're only going to use three of these we're going to use full name email and bio and I'll show you how to connect that to the dynamic page so to simply create the database you come here click add add database and then it'll run you through and ask you what the permissions are now let me show you what those permissions will be by the way you can name your database whatever you want it doesn't matter what you name it just make sure that you know what the code name is and and how you're gonna access it and know that all of your member profile information will be located in that database if you come here to this Settings button we're gonna edit permissions I'm just going to show you this early on in the video so that way we can focus strictly on the login page so you'll edit permissions and you'll change the collection type to custom use when you get there you'll see who can read the content from this collection you'll choose anyone who can create the content from this collection you'll choose site number because again it's going to be a member login so you only want your site member to be able to access and edit this data who can update the content from this collection site member author so this means the person that originally created it is the person that can update it or edit it and who can delete it the society member author again also the person that edited or created it and then you'll click Save once that's done you have your database setup again if you guys don't know how to add fields in your database like this you simply go here to this Add button add whatever field you.

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