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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Notifications

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Notifications

Hey guys I'm Jeff Matson from in motion hosting today we're going to go ahead and take a look at the WP SMS notifications plugin what that does is it goes ahead and sends you notifications for any changes that are made in your WordPress dashboard so if you update a plot or update a plugin update a theme stall a new plugin install a new theme even update a post or or if a user logs in it sends you notifications on all those things directly to your phone via text message it's also coincidentally developed by me and so if you have any suggestions for it or anything like that be sure to leave a comment in the video or or in the article that this is also embedded on on the in-motion hosting site so let's go ahead and dive in and take a look first to install it we're going to go to plugins and then go to add new now here since it is on the official WordPress plug-in a plug-in directory we can go ahead and type in at WP SMS notifications right there in the right there in the search box and then the WordPress admin dashboard so now you'll see it right here and you can go ahead and click install now and it'll stall install directly to your to your WordPress admin there and then of course be sure to activate it as well so now we have it installed here so let's just go to tools and then go to WP SMS notifications here in the left hand menu bar now what we have is we have you just go ahead and enter in your phone number and which mine's already been entered as well as your cell carrier and then from there you can select any different options that you want to be notified on so if you want to be notified when a post is published or you want to be notified when a post is updated or even when a new user logs in or any other changes that we want to make we're going to go ahead and select those checkboxes so you know I want to be notified on everything so we're going to go ahead and just setup set all those options click Save Changes there now from here what happens is if I take another post and I go to it and I said this is a new post I made this one earlier here if I was to edit it and say okay well I want to just some different content so we'll just go blah blah blah okay this video is awesome so we did that so we updated that now week loaded go ahead and click update there and what happens is that is one goes ahead and updates perfectly so what I have is if you look down here at the video stream I also have my phone here that we're going to go ahead and show you that I do receive a text message and my signals a little bad so oh there it is so what it is is it says and I'm not sure how well you can see this but it did just say that the new post was updated and told me the name of the post as well that was updated so at that point if I if I was running a client site or I or I just multiple people are working on the site then I know alright this new post was updated great or oh no I didn't want to update that post and so so you can you can easily go back and take a look and see what was updated and what was changed there this plug-in is um at one point one right now they took the actual 2.0 version will be coming out shortly which has ability to change different to get notified when things are changed in other plugins so say you have a brute-force attempt that comes in and you user was locked out then it would be able to send you a notification that says hey this this this uh this user was locked out here's the reasoning here's what's going on or you know you had a new order in your e-commerce shop and you want to be notified every time there's a new order that you'll be able to do that as well those are future features should be coming out in the next couple months but as it is right now is a great great utility to go ahead and be able to just get any kind of notifications that you need within your WordPress dashboard and once again if you have any suggestions for the plug-in or anything like that just be sure to leave it leave a comment on the video or leave a comment in the article that's also linked in the video description thanks guys have an awesome day.

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