Can Form 2220 Payments
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Can Form 2220 Payments

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Since it's for earthly to walk what is you crazy mother fun fact today's video is gonna be all about getting paid in military getting paid in the military getting pay in the military military look at all this money on top would you just look at it look at all this money I go cuz I'm getting paid in the moon very what is up guys I'm Kyle God and I'm really really sorry that you guys had to go through that intro but I had to throw together something because the last video I made about military money was when I was single link is right here on the exclamation point but I have a crazy intro like rap thing going on so I was like why not bring that back for this new married military pay video with all the bills no stirring around only total up to like 210 dollars so that's not a lot of money actually the most money in the video was in this this weighs like 10 pounds it's like full up to here and this is all yen though so they're queens actually go up to 500 yen which right now is equivalent to about 4 dollars they actually have a coin for that which is really cool I actually like their change better than I like American change but this is probably like seven $800 worth of yen right now and then in this one I probably have like $60 of like change or American change so yeah we're trying to fill this up though I found it for like $10 this little piggy bank thing and you have to cut open the top and I was like I want to fill that up before I leave here so we got it and we've just been collecting random like yen whenever we get it I don't like to spend change so I was come and put in this so that when we leave we can cash it in and then that'll be like fun money for when we're on leave between bases all these coin rolls that I had they only tally up to like $70 worth but I started a coin collection so that's pretty cool it's something I want to pass on to my kids and it's kind of like an investment so it's kind of like savings but you don't ever plan to get that money back until like really really long time from now or like never like my kids can have it and then from there hopefully it'll be worth more so I probably have like a few hundred dollars in a coin collection right now and I plan on keep growing that so probably in the next few years it'll be worth a few thousand dollars because I'll probably put more money into it because for me it's an investment so over time it'll be worth more like say 20 years from now it would be worth more than than it is now because everything is worth base value if not more over time so yeah record collection is a great investment but this video is not about me well the kind is it's going to be about my pay in the military because I'm married see I got a ring so that means I'm married because if you're married that you're only allowed to wear a ring if you're married right so if you're single not the video for you you actually click this exclamation point and pull up a tab has a video called military pay or something like that I can't remember the name of it click that that's for single military pay when I was in the dorms I break it down for you now this one is about married military pay so if you're married stick right here I'm gonna get into this now this is an le s stands for leave an earnings statement pretty much explains everything that goes into your paycheck gets taken out of your paycheck I only have three things on here that go into my paycheck as far as what I get paid so I'm going to do that right now so the three things that go into my paycheck are base pay bas and Cola now since we live on base I don't have to pay rent because they supply you a house for free you don't worry about it you call housing maintenance whenever you need something fixed it's really simple if you live on base now if you live off base you'll get something called bah but we live on base so we don't get that now whether you're in the States or overseas if you live off-base you will get bah but there is a difference between overseas and stateside for bah in the States they will give you whatever your cap is for it so say for your rank and your time and service you earn $1,600 a month for rent and that is supposed to cover your utilities too so in the States they will just give you your $1,600 now oversea you have to do like contracts and all this other stuff so what they do is you find a place that is under $1600 or if you find a place that's over it you have to pay the difference out-of-pocket but so you find a place that's $1,200 including utilities to live there they will pay your $1200 utility and that's it you don't get to keep the extra 400 but if you're stateside so you find a place for 50 bucks to live or maybe you got stationed close to your parents so you decide to move in with your parents and they give you your money and then you only pay your parents $50 a month to live at home you get the rest for spending now that would be a very.

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