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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Periods

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Periods

If we're running code in a spreadsheet and that code is making fundamental changes to the spreadsheet, then the user needs to know that something has happened. It's not always evident if you're running VBA code that something is actually happening. The user can't see that. The user needs feedback, so we need to tell the user that a report has run. And ideally, we need to tell the user some helpful summary information. This is a really nice touch in a spreadsheet- some helpful summary information about the report. If we can use Excel VBA messages to provide user feedback and we can do those things, it's got to further improve the user information in a spreadsheet. The users gonna love it. So let's get into the spreadsheets, and we've got our routine here- remember we've got a routine that just lists the entries in this database by gender. Just gonna run this routine quickly. There we go, got a confirmation from the previous video, and we can see that we've got this list by gender. So with one run the routine, but how do we know the routine had finished? You know, there's no indication the routine had finished. Obviously, we're programmers, so we kind of get a feel for these things, but the user doesn't know. And I see this in lots of spreadsheets. There's a real problem with the transparency, if you like, of what's going on. The user can't quite understand. This really decreases user confidence in the spreadsheet. So ideally, once the code is run, we'd like something to flush up, and we want some helpful summary information. How are we going to go about doing this? You might want to stop the video now and just looking at this routine, we've got, where are...