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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Preceding

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Preceding

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com today I want to show you one thing to do before every one of your ab workouts especially if you're somebody that has a hard time either a feeling your abs work when you are doing your ab exercises or B you tend to feel it more on your low back and that's because you're relying too much on your hip flexors to do your exercises and that's something we have to fix right now we can do that with reciprocal inhibition now this little fancy word is just something that really means if we can activate or contract a muscle that acts on the opposite side of a joint then the one that we don't want to work then we can reciprocally inhibit it or at least turn it down a little bit so that the other muscles can do the job and that's what we're trying to do if your hip flexors are initiating too much of the movement when you're trying to crunch or do any other ab exercises we'll show here then what you want to do is try to get them out of the equation so the ABS can do more of the work and the hamstrings are able to do that because of their function as hip extenders okay what we can do though is also rely on the glutes too because we know that they can also extend the hip so what you do is you take this foam roller and you put it back here behind your ankles and up against your butt and you squeeze your glutes together and your hamstrings at the same time everything should be kind of being squeezed up and under and when we do that now the hip flexors have to sort of shut down a little bit and when we have that done now when we initiate a NAV contraction it's happening more from the ABS instead of the hip flexors over dominating so you want to do a levitation crunch you squeeze here okay keep that in place and we just lift the shoulders up off of the ground just like that and immediately you should feel a much stronger contraction here in your abs because they're being demanded to work harder okay we do 10 reps of that then we come across our body same thing squeeze come up and twist just a little bit up and twist a little bit here you go five on each direction so now you're up to 20 reps and then finally we do some kind of a bottom-up movement here so we squeeze with the foam roller back and then we initiate the lift just like that again with the hamstrings actively engaged here and the glutes squeezing from underneath the hip flexors can't contribute as much to these lower ab movements as they tend to and this is where a lot of the low back pain comes from so we go ten reps here so now when it carries over to the full ab workout the one thing I want you to realize is anytime you're going to do a lower ab movement where the bottom comes up here then what you want to do is make sure that the hip flexors are not doing that work and you can do that by actually limiting the range of motion a lot of times what people will do is they think that going all the way down is a great idea because you're increasing the weight of the legs increasing the moment arm making the exercise more difficult but what that's promoting is it's making you move your hip flexors to get back up to the point where your pelvis moves right I have to go all hip flexor here to be able to get to the point where my pelvis can then lift and go through the movement what I'm saying is don't go down that low right go down so that the pelvis and legs move together all the time when it gets down to the point where the pelvis no longer moves then you're done with that rep can go back up again here so I'm never in a position where the pelvis is stable and the legs are moving on it that would be hip flexor but if I can get the pelvis and the legs to move together then I'm doing it right and you'll be able to do that a lot more likely now because you've allowed the hip flexors to sort of blood out and get out of the equation I'm going to give you a bonus here too what's the one thing you should do after every ab workout you really need to stretch them guys people don't stretch their abs nearly enough there are muscles they need to be stretched again if this is going to be a static stretch you do it when you're done with your work preferably I like to do this at night but certainly not before we do our training but a nice ab stretch is just literally keeping the lower pelvis into contact with the ground and then just coming up for a stretch and hang it out here like that so there you go guys one thing to do to start getting those ABS to feel a more on every ab workout you do by activating them more properly in getting those muscles that we don't want to be contributing out of it if you're looking for a program puts the science back in strength not just on our training but in everything we do head to athleanx.com right now and get our athlean-x training program in the meantime if you found this video helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below let me know we want me to cover here in a future video and I'll do my best to do that.

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