Can Form 2220 Pubs
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Can Form 2220 Pubs

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Take a look at my old up novelist penny m2 system um it has a 20 gigabyte ide hard drive and you can see the 4 pin power coming from this 200 watt power supply the motherboard i forget what make it is i think it is a via but i do know that on the Southbridge it has a pentium to processor with a cool Master fan it's 1.5 GHz so this is a very old computer just by the specs I'm telling you now it's really old it has one ram chip right there it's uh it's if i remember correctly I think it's 256 megabytes I'm not quite sure so don't quote me on that but I think it's a 256 it may only be a 128 but here's that let's see what else there's just your simple disk drives and there's four pin dongles again and this is just a case man and it's in here not much to it I mean it's a really basic computer from like 1995 so like if you're billing you to computer just you know to surf the web or anything this computer wouldn't be a bad choice here let me flip it around see it's but it's also made by an old company called novelists they don't exist anymore even logi you can tell it's all just because it still has that floppy drive in that it's got a disk drive to strides actually I added this one only came with that one because that one broke so I need a new one but it's pretty much it I mean there's not much to it this lets in Aaron into computer so yeah I was thinking about removing this 20 gigabyte hard drive and installing it in my medium system for now it'll add another 20 gigs so that's nice yep it's the review of my novelist and m2 computer.

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