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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Rejections

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Rejections

Hey ambitious professionals it's Linda Rainer of Linda Rainer calm guiding you to a career and life you'll truly enjoy in today's video I'm gonna walk you through the four main reasons why your job applications are being rejected by employers and the things that you can do about it so that you can increase your chances of lending your next job offer Music ready to get the job you want top-notch interview is coming soon for more info at free training head to join and muncom as a career strategist I've had the honor of being able to help numerous professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that you're interested in working with me one-on-one I can give you details about that at the end of this video if you've been looking for a job for a little while now you've probably already sent dozens maybe even hundreds of job applications to employers and you're feeling pretty frustrated because you haven't really been getting many responses back well you're in luck because today I'm gonna walk you through the four reasons why employers aren't calling you back and exactly what you can do about it so that you can land the job offer of your dreams reason number one you're not showing that you're a true fit for the job this is the biggest reason why employers are ignoring you because you haven't done the work of showcasing to them that you are the perfect job candidate if you don't do the work of showing to them that you're a match for them how can you possibly expect them to give you a call so to break it down there are actually three key areas where you potentially may not be showing that you're a fit for the job and the first one is your resume or CV is your resume lacking a clear strategy when you look at your own resume do you feel that an employer who sees it would go oh my goodness this person is the exact perfect fit for the job we have to bring them in for an interview or do you think they see it and go yeah maybe not sure let's see what else is out there if you feel that there is room for improvement in your resume or CV then you are most likely right your resume is the ticket that will get you into the door if you don't know how to write your resume in an attractive and compelling way your resume will simply be thrown too the side and the reason for that is because employers get hundreds of resumes all the time so you really need to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest if you need further help in this area be sure to check out my resume mastery workshop the link is in the description box down below or just check out my top-notch resume course and it'll help you to rewrite your resume in an attractive and compelling way and it'll help you to get the job offer that you're looking for the second place where you might not be showing that you are an attractive high-quality candidate to the employer is in your LinkedIn profile I know this may sound silly but when was the last time that you actually updated your photo on LinkedIn to not only be one that's recent but also one where it shows that you have a bright energetic and cheerful personality many recruiters will tell you this but I will that photo on your LinkedIn profile will either help to increase or decrease your chances of getting that initial phone call check out my LinkedIn related video if you are curious to learn more about how to improve your LinkedIn profile and finally the third place where you're likely not showcasing your value enough is in your interviews so over the last little while you might have gotten called for a couple of interviews here and there but you never got a call back to move forward to the next round I can tell you that there's one major reason for that and that is that you're not telling compelling enough stories in your interviews to the employers knowing how to tell compelling stories in your interviews is the key strategy to hooking the employers interest in you and getting them to choose you over anyone else who's interviewing if you want them to give you the job be sure to tell compelling stories now let's move on to the second reason why your job applications are being ignored and that reason is that your job applications are not even being seen in the first place if the only way that you're applying for jobs is through online job applications along with hundreds of other people who are also applying through online job applications there's a good chance that employer aren't even looking or seeing your resume or application and if they can't see you they're definitely not going to be able to hire you so what do you do so a few tips about applying for jobs is firstly you want to apply to only the freshest jobs so the jobs that have only showed up within the first day within the second day those are great roles to apply to if you're waiting to apply for a job and it's been posted for a week or two weeks or three weeks there's a good chance that you've likely missed the boat so you want to apply for the jobs right away strike them when they're hot and the reason for this is because employers are likely to look at the actual applications that show up within the first one or two days so you have a higher chance of having your resume being seen by the employer at that point another way to get your.

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