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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Resolve

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Resolve

What's up guys this is Tampa Tech and I'm gonna show you how to fix your ps4 controller that's not connecting to your ps4 or not charging if you don't want to do the whole repair here I'll show you an alternative way to charge your ps4 controller okay and you can just plug it into right here and they'll start charging your ps4 controller and you can charge two out of time which is pretty cool first thing you always want to do before you get started it's always tried the reset to reset your ps4 controller if it's not connecting to your ps4 just press on this button right here on the back you have to get a thin tool maybe a paperclip press and hold for a couple seconds one two three four five and then that resets the controller and hopefully uh connect now to your ps4 so what you want to do then is connect it right here and it will make sure it's cleaned out you can use this little dental floss tool it's a you get it at CVS and you clean out any dust or debris that could be in there a grime and then you just plug it in right here and then plug this into your ps4 and then once you plug it into your ps4 you press the PlayStation button and then hopefully you'll connect to your ps4 again but if your ps4 controller is not charging you probably have a bad cable so replace the cable and if you'd replace the cable and it's still not charging then you have a broken port or bad port or it could be dirty if you clean the port out most likely it's damaged these ports are fragile that center piece right here sometimes breaks and you'll see it slanted that's how you know it's broken so we're gonna be replacing that in this video so let's go ahead and get started I'm gonna do this in real time so you guys have an idea how long it takes I'm gonna need a micro Phillips screwdriver if you don't have one you get one actually I'll leave a link in the video description below where to get all these items these controllers are expensive they're like 60 bucks you get a used one a Gamestop for maybe 45 bucks but still it's pretty good amount of money though it's always best to repair it and the parts are about maybe five bucks so what you want to do here is you want to get this pry tool and you shove it in the side right here alright now there's a tab right here it's a little clip you got a pop just slide that up I have a pain there you go I just popped it and then the same thing goes for here if you can't get this open sometimes if you squeeze it when you squeeze it right here they'll free it open so just squeeze it and I'll like I'll open up squeeze and then slide that tool in and then pop that clip there you go I just popped it very go just be careful don't rip this off because there's a cable connected to it so push these buttons in and then you pull this out alright so right here you see that blue tab facing to the right side that's the cable and you want to grab and slide it out and then here's the battery and we're going to unplug the battery so it doesn't short anything out so just don't grab it by the cables and pull because you rip the cables out you're screwed and grab the white part and then squeeze the white part and then slide that out let's do the connector so if you never need to replace this battery this is the ma model up for the battery that's the model number to the top so if your battery's not charging then replace the battery battery should last you five years sometimes when you put the pictu controller part these springs pop out on the triggers so see that spring right there that goes inside the button I mean the trigger see right here so it's inside the trigger and then you push this in and sometimes if you I guess if you're like my son in your game rage yeah sometimes this is one of the first things that break so you push down all right that's in there and push in you hear that clip and you want to make sure that spring is under the trigger that's that's what makes it spring off if the spring is on the outside this is going to be loose and first thing you do is you want to slide this part out all right so what I do is I take off the right side first and then just like that lift it up and then put it down the same side like you know pretty much I could just grab it and just put it back together so you want to make sure you just keep it all together like that and then this tape it's like a foamy tape I'm gonna peel that up all right and then remove that that's the shield I guess or that this is the diffuser lens right there and just remove that that's the last piece I want to face it down that way and then there's another tape right here but first we're gonna unscrew that now this is the part number right here I don't know if you guys see that or not come on focus that's the part number so you want to make sure you get that part and the model number on the controller so this is my model number so you look at the model number so you know what part to get.

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