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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Revenue

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Revenue

Creating passive income takes work but once you implement those processes it's one of the most fruitful income sources that you'll ever have and it's also impaired your wording today I want to share my 11 most favorite passive income sources that you can start for them Music Applause Music okay the first idea is pretty well a no-brainer especially if you know that I'm a financial planner and I've been working with clients for over 15 years now but the first passive income source that you can derive is from investing now I know many of you watching this might think well Jeff I don't have a lot of money to get started I get it I was there too let me tell you it doesn't take a lot of money to get started whether it be 50 bucks a month $100 a month anything that you can start investing you can start making gains and start making interest off your investment so whether if you're making capital gains off of your mutual funds your ETFs or your stocks or if you have dividends that pay out on a consistent basis these are all sources of passive income that you can get if you're not sure where to get started investing there are a ton of online providers nowadays there are Robo advisors such as betterment wealthfront acorns Robin Hood Ally invest etrade if you do nothing about investing and you want somebody to pick those investments for you that's why I have to recommend betterment betterment doesn't have any money to start and they will choose an ETF model for you so if you're putting any money in they're gonna choose those investments and then you'll sit back and start making those capital gains in dividends otherwise passive income now another form of option that I love when it comes to investing is peer-to-peer lending I started doing peer-to-peer lending over six years ago and it has been one of my most favorite investment classes to put your money into now Peter peer lending is just like as if you're acting as the bank so instead of somebody going to the bank and getting a loan you are giving them a micro loan so you become the financial institution and since these are micro loans you're only giving up about $100 per loan sometimes less but I don't know if you've ever taken out a personal loan from a bank but you know how much interest they charge so imagine now you're sitting on the side of the bank and you're collecting that interest the top two peer-to-peer lenders a check out our Lending Club and prosper I have accounts with them both and I really don't have a preference either which one I'll tell you I've been sitting back and earning those interest checks since I've started and I love it my second passive income idea is taking advantage of deal sites and/or survey sites so sites like Swagbucks inbox dollars or my surveys signing up for these sites allow you to do your normal shopping that you do online and make a little bit extra money on the side or if you're sitting on your couch watching Netflix your favorite TV show or some sports game if you have your laptop handy you can fill out surveys as you're wasting time killing time and make really good money alright my third passive income idea and this one's a little bit outside of the box but hear me out taking advantage of cash back reward points now I know I'm sure thinking Joe how is that really passive income but check this out before I started using credit cards to pay all of our bills we used to use debit cards all the time because I always subscribe the idea of like you shouldn't have credit cards because credit cards are evil they're not that evil but when I started talking to others that were truly taking advantage of all the different reward points that you have to offer I realized that we were missing out on a ton of free cash so we start using reward points specifically for cash back airline miles or hotels anything like that that we knew that we'd be using on a frequent basis so now everything that we buy whether it's our cell phone bill our satellite bill Netflix groceries gasoline we run all of our expenses through our credit cards and we get back tons of war points and with these reward points we've cashed in on airline miles hotels and a variety of other things a couple years ago we took our entire family to Jamaica it didn't have to spend a single dime other than some snacks in the airport so using your credit cards to take an advantage of these reward points is so passive because you don't have to do anything you're doing something that you're already gonna do to begin with you just sit back and enjoy the cash cookie all right on to passive income idea number four and this is a fun one doesn't really apply to me well it kind of does yeah let me explain so one of my good friends is a photographer and when he started taking pictures for me and my family and for my business he asked hey I will take your pictures and I won't charge you but I want to be able to use you for my I stock photography account at the time I didn't know really what I stock was or what stock photography was but I thought you know what if I'm getting free pictures Samiha so he would upload my pictures to high stock and businesses from all over the world we're using my picture on their websites brochures and other marking materials I've had so many people contact me because they saw my picture on some brochure or.

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