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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Solutions

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Solutions

I am B is an acronym for integrated media bloc essentially every digital cinema projection system has a media block somewhere that the media block has two main purposes one is to decrypt the content the digital cinema package is essentially the movie that's delivered to the movie theater and it's called a digital cinema package and it's encrypted for security so the first thing the media block does is it decrypt that and then it has to decode it right now digital cinema movies are digital cinema packages are encoded as JPEG 2022 and this is just like an MPEG encoding that you would see at home and impact to an mpeg-4 but the standard used in digital cinema is JPEG 2022 so the media block has to actually decrypt the security and then decode the content so that it can be played back on the projector the reason it's called an integrated media block in this case is because it's a it's a media block that actually slides into the card cage in the projector traditionally the media block has existed in an external server outside of the digital cinema projector but what's happening now is the industry is moving more and more towards an integrated media block configuration this has two advantages one it's more secure so the video never has to the video content never has to go in the clear from the server to the projector and secondly it's got more bandwidth than an external server disk and the additional bandwidth allows you to do 4k or higher frame rates our IMB is uh it's designed and built by the same engineers that designed and built the christie projectors so what right now what's on the market our third-party integrated media blocks and they're designed by third parties to fit and operate in all of the different DLP cinema projectors they're not specifically designed with it with an awareness of the power consumption the thermal contribution the vibrations the the environment within the the digital cinema projector which I mean you've got in some cases a six-and-a-half kilowatt lamp burning in that projector and there's a lot of thermal cycles there's a lot of power being consumed in that projector and we believe that that it's uh it makes a lot of sense for the same team that designed the projector to design this card this this complex electronics board is going to operate within the environment of that projector immediate block is uh it's an integral part of any digital cinema projection system the fact that it existed for for the last decade or so outside of the digital cinema projector is is probably a better question it seems to me that an integrated an integrated media block is a more natural approach it should be part of the projector to start with and we believe that this is a core competency that we need going forward for our cinema projector traditional external cinema servers with their external media blocks are right now bandwidth limited to 24 frames per second in 3d that'd be 24 frames per second per eye with an integrated media block then the media block actually sits inside the projector on the projectors backplane and the bandwidth issues from having an external server go away and what what that means is that using an integrated media block you can increase the frame rates up to 48 60 and possibly beyond that should the film standards evolve to that point I would say that anyone buying a digital cinema projector now should be buying an iamb with their projector as opposed to an external server the eye and be like I said it gives you two things it gives you more security it's a it's a cleaner package in terms of it's just part of the projector rather than all of this electronics and security gear sitting outside of the projector but beyond that it also allows you to handle more data more bandwidth so that lets you do 4k content and it lets you do higher framerate content we all know that that there's some some pretty pretty big-name filmmakers right now that are shooting shooting films at higher frame rates one of them being Peter Jackson shooting The Hobbit for release in December of 2022 in higher frame rates and you would need an integrated media block to play that movie back we also know that James Cameron is planning to shoot his next avatar sequel at higher frame rates and again if you want to play that movie back as the the filmmaker intended you'll need an integrated media this is the right choice for exhibitors right now it gives them the flexibility in the future to use the same equipment to play back 4k content as well as high frame rate content which may be more important than 4k right now we know that the major filmmakers are producing their their big releases their major releases in in higher frame rates and without an iamb you won't be able to exhibit you only won't be able to show without an IM b you won't be able to show those feature films as the director intended them to be see at Christie we believe that high frame rates are going to advance the whole movie industry by providing the technology the expertise and high framers to exhibitors it's going to give the movie-going public a more realistic experience that's going to give filmmakers more tools in their toolbox to achieve the look and feel that they desire in their end product overall by providing exhibitors with our expertise and technology to playback films at high frame rates this is going to result in a much better experience for their audience at the end of the day we believe that that's going to bring people back to the cinemas people are going to be excited about going to.

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