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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Suppress

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Suppress

Our next question comes from I don't know who it comes from you know it again involves a paragraph so I'll read that to you okay they say how can I deal with suppressed anger of many many years I do not seem to accept emotionally this anger even when I know it is the only way for me to go forward how can I accept this anger which will lift the roof of my castle in it and will help me to release myself and to be free how can someone deal with anger when you have when you always have shown another persona is it because I have to forgive and I'm not ready exclamation to do so I know I have to do the work myself and that no one else can do this for me but how can I go past this huge block mm-hmm well the question itself again demonstrates a lot of the errors of thinking here and that are causing this person to remain blocked towards processing anger there if we if we look at some of the statements that are made first first if we go to this statement when am I ready you know like when will I be ready or am I ready or like I'm not ready I'm not ready yeah all of these things these statements saying you're not ready they are just an excuse to get you away from the responsibility of taking control of your own life whenever you say you're not ready you're basically saying I don't want to take control of my own life because when you decide really decide with a pure heart that you want to take control of your own life you will do it right and it's not some magical solution that you become ready through a whole series of processes although the more of Attraction is going to bring you a whole series of processes which will eventually force you into being ready but even then you will still need to take the make the choice and decision to through the use of your will to take the action to process through something emotionally now in the case of this person it's getting again a lady I said I can feel and who basically is struggling with anger and rage yep and she's saying that she's had suppressed she's suppressed her anger and rage for many many years yeah well yes this is a problem suppression of anger rage for many many years is a problem however she likes to have the anger and rage within her because if she didn't like it she would release it so she likes it so what I would do first is examined the reasons why having anger and rage within her is acceptable to her yeah what she gets out of having anger and rage within her and she will find that people are automatically scared of her and she'd likes that because it gives her control over situations she otherwise would not have control over yeah right so what she needs to do is examine with a pure heart the real reasons why she likes to be angry or why she likes to have anger within her at least and there will be a lot of emotional reasons why a person wants to feel and never release their anger a lot of its to do too with feeling of weakness they feel angry anger makes them feel strong and powerful and they are unwilling to feel weak and powerless and so they become addicted to having the anger remain within them but this also this lady has some guilt about the anger remaining in her she does she does so this is an indication that in her childhood probably there's been some experiences where the anger was condemned or judged in some way or even she was punished so she's afraid of expressing it yep now she is going to have to at some point go through acknowledgement of many of these emotions in order to start feeling her anger and even when she starts feeling her anger she's going to have to be very careful because if she's not careful she will use her anger as a tool to feel powerful rather than as a you know just feeling her anger alone in a bedroom and releasing it so that she can get to the addiction that is underneath it it's always an addiction that's underneath the anger it's it's very interesting isn't it how you've spoken in many seminars saying to people you need to release your anger like get you often use the phrase get out the baseball bat and go and yes beat the punching bag or whatever it is but this woman hasn't even tried that I'd feel no I and the reason why is she is already she's justifying the the keeping of the anger inside of her she doesn't really want to even attempt to release it and that is an issue and a problem so it seems like from what you're saying the just that act of getting the baseball bat and Punk'd or bashing something is not necessarily the way we're going to actually release anger not in this case to work through these investments we have in maintaining it that you mentioned things like control and feeling of strength was she's suppressing her anger for a start so she needs to look at the belief systems that she has about why she needs to suppress her anger so that could be about facade and that is a lot about facade yes about wanting to maintain a facade wanting to look better than she actually feels inside and holding on to feeling that if people see her real anger and real self and how angry she actually is that no one will love her and no one will care for her.

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