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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Toggle

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Toggle

Apple's Mac OS Mojave is coming this fall and it's bringing dark mode a feature that users have been asking for for years we're currently on the first beta of Mojave and dark mode looks great but is currently a little bothersome to switch in between both modes you have to go to System Preferences general and finally click to choose your mode well thanks to Automator we can now create a custom script that allow us to toggle between light and dark modes with a simple keyboard shortcut or button on your MacBook Pros touch bar credit goes to Thomas verse Ron at verse Ron comm for this find to get started open the Automator app and click new document select contextual workflow and click Choose in the workflow input selection drop down menu choose no input if you have a touch bar you can change the image that will be used for the button within the action search bar type Apple and double-click on run Apple script now go down to the script box select all and delete copy the code in the video description and paste it into this box you can test out the script by clicking the play icon if dark mode switches on and off your script works now go to file click save and name it dark mode open system preferences click on keyboards then go to the shortcuts tab click on services and you should find dark mode at the bottom of the list make sure the box is checked and click on add shortcut I already have mine mapped to command + B I have to note that it won't override global shortcuts so you have to mess around with different shortcuts until you can find the one that works for you command B didn't work for me until I went up to the send file to bluetooth device command and change the shortcut to something that didn't involve the B key now when I use this keyboard shortcut it automatically toggles between light and dark mode take note that it won't work in other apps that are using the same shortcut as you are like iTunes for example that uses command B to hide column browser now for all you touch bar users go to system preferences again click on extensions and click touch bar make sure your dark mode workflow is enabled now go back to keyboard settings and click customize control strip you should be able to easily drag your dark mode workflow on to your touch bar and simply tap the button anytime you want to toggle dark mode on let us know how that script worked for you in the comment section below thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on more videos like this one and we'll see you in the next video if you enjoy this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and Apple products updated daily be sure to follow us on social media and we'll see you in the next video.

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