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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 2220 Unpaid

Instructions and Help about Can Form 2220 Unpaid

In this video I wanted to talk about how to create invoices so I have this example failure and I will have a link in the description that you can download a zip file which will also include this notepad file along with the sample file so here I have a scenario here that I want to drag a company's repair job so I have a customer table which will have all the customer information service table which has order ID service date the customer ID because I don't need any of the other information of the customer because I have a relationship between them the services they are using the brand the model number and the labor charges up here and along with that each service will have lots of parts associated with it as they are being repaired so the parts will be tracked in the parts table and the order ID will be related and the part and the price along with that we also want to track what money the BEP customers has given up front somewhere down the line or there is some more things need to be taken from them even if their products been taken home so there I have order ID again related so that each order IDs payment are tracked accordingly and then the payment dates okay so the way this will work is that I'll create two different queries one query will include service order and parts and I'll create a report on that for that query and I have a separate query for payments and then I'll also have a report for that and the second payments report will be added as a sub report the first report so that's the basic idea of this I'm just gonna close this and also show you how to use the lookup to pull up information like the customers first name and last name in your report even though you don't have it in your query so I'm going to quickly create a query for table service order create query wizard simple query at order ID service date customer ID I'll also take labor the rest I can pull up as I need it and I also want to add the parks to this so I'll go to table parts I'll add the parts ID I don't need order ID because it's already there part and the price next next and I'll just give it the name query service parks I can go to modify and hit finish and for the order ID I'll just say put a bracket enter order ID so that it will prompt me for a point with a question so there it is so for order ID 1 I get this I go back to design view run order ID - there's only one part associated with it I can say yes so that's my one query done I can go to table payments create query visit because I've clicked on it and I click ok here it will show out there or else you'll have to choose from the drop down button add all the fields next next and I can just call this query Phoenix I could have just done a report based on the table because there's only one table in the query so it may not be that important but that's fine so now I have both of my queries now I'm going to create a report based on this all start with query payments create report wizard add all the fields next next next leave things as they are most of it and up here I'll just say RPG payments and I'll hit finish so your as all my payment even though is showing me order ID 1 and choose payments once I added as a sub report to my other report it will only show me that particular orders so I'm just going to close this and in a design view I'm going to click on amount this is my detail this is the label so I want to do a summation so I can click on this here and do some ation so there is the sum of it I'll click here and when you click on property sheet you'll get this option here and there is the name here so you know I can give it a name I'll call it text total payments ok so that's the name of that field because I'll be able to use it in calculation or I can just call the total payment here okay so that's the way I know that I've got that in there so I can use that name in a calculation save it I can run it and here it gives me total which includes all the three payments of order 1 and order 2 so I'll close this I'll go to query search service parts create report wizard I can add order ID service date customer ID I'll leave the labor ID out just for now you can add it but I'll just show you a different way of adding it next now here I want it to be set up like that because it's two different tables rather than it all in one line because my parts will be many so they can be listed one after the other next next next I'll make this block because what it will do if I don't make it block say if I had ten parts each line will repeat the order ID is date and the customer ID which I don't need I only want it to be on the one line and after that I only want them to be listing the parts I click next and this I can call it my report invoice because this is what that's going to be report invoice and I can click finish and it's going to prompt me.

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