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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Adjusted

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Adjusted

So you want to apply for a green card through marriage well you've come to the right video I'm going to show you exactly how to do that but first just a quick note everything I say is just based on our personal experience and it's not to be taken as legal advice if you need legal advice consultant training if you want to see how we did it this is the video for you right so the first thing you're going to need to fill out 2g 325 a forms and here's what that means one of them is going to be filled out by the US citizen it's just a bunch of biographical information showing like employment history and living history pretty much and the resident alien to be is going to be filling out 1g 325 a as well so that's 2 G 3 25 days biographical information and that form looks like this G 325 a biographical information one of them to be completed by the US citizen one of them to be completed by the resident aliens D okay next one you're going to need to fill out a g-1145 this is going to be the receipt of electronic communication as going to be filled out by the US citizen so in that case I'm the one who filled it out I'm the US citizen I'm going to be the one at receiving all of the electronic communication on behalf of this whole application process and this here this is the e notification of applications be patient acceptance g-1145 that's the next form you can fill it okay so now we're up to brief worms GB 25/8 filled by US citizen G 325 a filled by the resident alien to be g-1145 electronics communication next one i-130 and what this is is this is going to be filled out by the US citizen it's going to be a petition it's going to need to have these documents so pay very close attention we're going to need to have US citizens bridge certificates the marriage certificate of you and your spouse needs to have the passport photos of you and your spouse it needs to have a photo of each of you so me and then my wife it needs to have the completed and signed g3 25 a hint hints from earlier to GT 25 days that's going to be part of this I won xxx next one you're going to have to have a document showing the joint ownership of property and this means like joint bank accounts joint utility bills anywhere where where your spouse is listed as a beneficiary on the US citizens behalf so things like life insurance health insurance combine the names together make sure it's on official documents that's what you need this is the i-130 I'm talking about the petition for alien relative alright I hope I'm making sense so far next one you're going to need to have the i-130 for that is the affidavit of support and basically what this says is I US citizen I'm able to sponsor my spouse through the school application process I make this amount of income and I am NOT in poverty or anything unable to complete this whole process and and just fine that's basically what I 134 is it's going to be filled out by the US citizen that form looks like this I 134 at the David of support all right so my spouse and I had an interesting situation because as she was going to get her green card we were actually going to visit her home country which is Indonesia so we have to fill out this form it is called the I 131 that's the travel document this one is going to be filled by the spouse not the US and discuss and what this does is it allows her or Hamm voyages to travel abroad while still under the application process they're going to give you a permit saying yes you can leave the country and then yes you can come back and that I 131 looks like this I 131 application for travel document okay next one this is going to be a very important part this is the adjustment of status application this is the i-485 and the i-485 is the application to register permanent residents or adjust status this is going to be filled out by the resident aliens not the US citizen so it's going to have her name on it and this one was a whole bunch of documents I'm going to show you what this form looks like so like this you can see my wife's name is there information about the one is adjusting status that's her and then since she's coming in as a spouse this is she's going to fill out this box right here this check box and then the rest of it is pretty much showing information about the US citizen and then the spouse so make sure you read everything thoroughly fill it all out okay so I 485 filled by spouse the resident alien not the US citizen make sense good next one I 693 this is an interesting one because you actually have to go to a physician and get a health examination and all appropriate shots so some people come out of the country they don't have a full immunization record so you have to be happy mutation record you've got to bring that to a doctor that you have to give you all the shots they have to make sure you're good in your medical examination and they have to fill out a report saying yes this person is okay to be in the country so I 693 we had to go to a doctor the medical examination was $300 and we had to show her immunization record and all that stuff doctor had to sign.

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